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trailape05 Dec 2015 3:36 a.m. PST

Hi Guys.
I live in semi rural Victoria and sometimes, (often) I struggle to find opponents to game with.
I think Chain of Command shows real promise as a a good old fashion 'Play By Mail' (PBM) game,…
Or should I say a 'Play By Social Media' (PBSM) game.
So I'll set up a game,.. Set the parameters (Situation, Mission ect) and then post some photos from the perspective of one (or both maybe) combatants.
Then request someone (anyone) to send orders, probably via 'Messenger' for secrecy if having both sides played 'remotely'.
I play the phases until a 'hinge point' is achieved.
Maybe a CoC die has become available,…
Maybe the original orders are getting us nowhere,…
And then I play the game to a conclusion.
So with the that in mind I set up the following game and soon had a nice chap named Kris offer to play the Platoon Commander for the British.
Here's how it played out,…

First, lets set the scene, the scenario and the very very 'Quick Orders' for the British from Company HQ.

7th Battalion, Duke of Wellington's Regiment
A Company
3rd Platoon
25 June 1944
West of Caen
The last of the young corporals moved into the hasty 'O' Group. The Platoon Commander gave a curt "Cheers" to the Battalion Adjutant Captain Morris and then turned back to the three corporals. Sergeant Crab was collecting 2 inch Mortar rounds from the CSM,…
"Bloody hell Sir, that's a grand total of 5 smoke and 3 HE! I'm hardly going to blast Jerry of the ridge with this"!
The CSM gave a sharp reply:
"Stop ya whinging Sergeant! In my day we just had rocks,….
Besides, the Trailapes (Artillery) will do all the stonking you need lovely boy"!

Lt Baker commenced his orders,….

"Quick Orders.
Ahead is the crossroads at Petit Fromage.
It's believed elements of the 12th SS are holding the objective.
We expect them to be supported by 'some' armour,.."..
Corporal Barry Haree chimed in:
"Probably bloody Tigers"!
Lt Baker frowned:
"Thank you Harry for that positive input.
May I continue?
Fritz has at least a platoon is in there. The 12th SS are all young die hard Nazis. I don't expect we' take many prisoners.
We have 3 Cromwells from the 24th Lancers in Support.
We have air supremacy, but with the weather being so shite don't expect any air support.
Artillery is stonking the crossroads as you can hear.
Mostly 5.5 inch.

3 platoon, supported by a Troop of tanks from 24th Lancers is to advance to contact and then seize the crossroads at Petit Fromage.
3 platoon, supported by a Troop of tanks from 24th Lancers is to advance to contact and then seize the crossroads at Petit Fromage.

(This is the bit the remote PBSM player contributes).
As I told him:
Your orders can be as detailed or as brief as you want.
Your intent is really all that is needed by me.
For example.
1 section on the right is to,…
2 section on the left is to,….
3 Section will be in depth with me.
One tank will be in support of each section
All tanks will mass on the left / right / road,….
You get the idea.

Back to our 'O' Group,….
This is what Kris came up with:

"Section 1 to push towards the stone fence in front of position and then to remain on overwatch looking towards the houses forward and to the right flank.
The 2 inch mortar to support and drop smoke as required for sections 2 and 3 Section 3 push forward quickly using the field as cover aiming to get to the stone wall to the center Section 2 to push into the just vacated building of section 3 and then to follow in haste through the field towards the stone wall to the right flank more so. This will stop the sections bunching up. Cromwell on the road cautious advance up road ready to swing in behind cover when the enemy appears. The lads in section 1 are to be on the look out for panzerfausts or any AT weapons.
Common men lets at it, Jerry's not going to wait all day for us!"

"Admin and Log:
We have the Adjt with us! BHQ obviously sees our company as the main effort and the OC sees our platoon as the tip of the spear,…
We also have CPL Avnil the medic with us,.. So if you cop a Blighty we'll have you sorted.
Command and Signals:
The Radio nets are unchanged. Company signals will be back at the FUP, with the Adjt.
Chain of Command is Me (Lt Baker), then Sgt Crab, then Seco 3 Section, Seco 1 then Seco 2.
The rest can fight it out,…
The Adjt will feed the lads forward as required so I'll be with you lads all the way.
That's it,…
Move out"!

I determined the details on the individual 'BIG MEN' using the matrix in PLATOON FORWARD available from Too Fat Lardies. I highly recommend this PDF as it can be used with any rule system not just CoC or IABSM.

Platoon Commander Lt Baker:
Optimistic family man (Popular with the Lads) and reckless. He was a salesman at his father's corner shop before the war. Joined the Regiment in June of '43.

Platoon Sgt Crab:
Likable and a 'True Believer' in their cause. "We're in a great crusade Lads! Let's kill all these Nazi swine"!
'Mud' has an even combat temperament. The lads respect his rank and the man (+1) for 'Rally' purpose, (removes one extra shock every time he Rallies the lads).

Section 1 CPL 'Crafty' Thompson:
Cunning family man even combat temperament (+1 when in HtH or directing fire).

Section 2 CPL 'Bibles' Bower:
Glum and Religious with an even combat temperament (+1 dice when firing)

Section 3 CPL 'Snake' Rattler:
A real nasty chap and 'Position' conscious (always looking secure promotion) and bold in combat (+1 dice in HtH)

I sent SITUATION REPORTS (Sit Reps) to Kris as the game progressed.
So, on with the game,…







Zargon Inactive Member05 Dec 2015 5:57 a.m. PST

Nice! Real boys own action.

War Panda05 Dec 2015 7:29 a.m. PST

trailape I'm organizing a "Play by Email" Chain of Command Game right now. I'm in Western Canada and the other players are in Texas and Australia

I'm attempting to do the new Operation Martlet Campaign but we'll see how the first battle goes ;)

I haven't posting anything yet but I intend to post a YouTube video on the whole thing

The way we're playing is that both players give me their orders and I "play out their orders using the system" The two guys are both excellent individuals (famous last words) and will be very lenient with my interpretation of their plans. …We've literally just started so not a lot to report but I might post a thread here on TMP with the new introduction video for the campaign.

I'll post a Link here:

TMP link

trailape05 Dec 2015 5:03 p.m. PST

Hi War Panda
Great minds think alike!
I'll be very interested to see how your game pans out
My game is loosely based on Scenario 3 of that Mini Campaign actually.
I'm sure you'll notice the similarities.

trailape09 Dec 2015 6:59 p.m. PST

Ive concluded the game:
it's all here:
comments welcomed

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