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25 Jun 2015 6:58 p.m. PST
by Editor in Chief Bill

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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian10 Mar 2015 4:40 p.m. PST

As TwinMirror has said:

…it seems reasonable to split the plastics board, and instead have one board for 1/72 scale (whatever the material plastics, metal, etc), and another board for 28mm plastics; …these are quite different audiences, as players in one scale will find a lot of interest across historical periods, but not simply in terms of material.

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John the OFM10 Mar 2015 4:57 p.m. PST

I would have no problem with that. They are two entirely different entities.
However, there are 28mm WW2, Napoleonics, AWI, zombies…
The usual nay-sayers will have a field day.
With some justification, they might ask "Where does it stop?"

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP10 Mar 2015 5:02 p.m. PST

Yeah, but where does it stop?

John Leahy10 Mar 2015 6:01 p.m. PST

I agree. Split it up. It was all soft plastic in the beginning.

hocklermp510 Mar 2015 10:26 p.m. PST

I agree there should be a 28mm Plastics Board. It would make a great clearing house for information concerning conversions using parts from different sets and even different manufacturers.

Cyrus the Great10 Mar 2015 11:11 p.m. PST


normsmith10 Mar 2015 11:19 p.m. PST


I think both 1/72 and 28mm enthusiasts would see the benefit to doing this.

Major William Martin RM11 Mar 2015 3:19 a.m. PST

So when do you add the Plastics Board(s) for 40mm, 1/48th, 1/35th, 1/32nd (or "True 54"), 54-60mm, 70mm et al?

Yes, some or all of these could fall under the Plastic Toy Army Men, or the Traditional Toy Soldier boards. However, in addition to the long-standing Elastolin/Preiser figures, the ever-present (in some form) Airfix Multi-pose and Collector's figures, the venerable Historex and Helmet kits, and the tons of WWII and Modern kits of (usually) Japanese origin, we now have newer hard plastic sets being made in 54mm.

Do we need a Plastics Board (non-period specific) and then sub-boards for specific scale? Do we need it sub-divided by period? Our existing Plastics board covers all plastics (conceivably) and allows 28mm gamers to read about conversion techniques used by 1/72 aficionados, both to read about tips for fabricating textures and bits on 54mm figures that may apply to their work, etc.

Besides, if we add additional Plastics boards Tango won't know where to mis-post his 1/72 scale metal posts, now will he?

YogiBearMinis Supporting Member of TMP11 Mar 2015 4:47 a.m. PST

I agree that it just adds yet another board for people to have to check.

Personal logo Patrick R Supporting Member of TMP11 Mar 2015 4:54 a.m. PST

It will stop when people get lost in the Napoleonic 28mm plastic French aquatic Hussar boards trying to figure out where to put the topic according to uniform variant, date and hour of use, manufacturer, thread count, farb, and appropriate battlefield soil composition uniform dust reference cross-flowcharts.

Personal logo Sgt Slag Supporting Member of TMP11 Mar 2015 6:12 a.m. PST

I don't see the need. I intermix 1/72 plastics with 25mm/28mm figures of all materials (fantasy gaming; useful for representing different groups of peoples, who are not all the same height/build; I also use the 1/72 to represent Gygaxian Elves, which are typically 5' or less, in height, with Humans being taller/bigger). I game with 54mm plastic Army Men. I don't see the need to split it down, as there is plenty of crossover with plastic figure techniques, regardless of scale. YMMV. Cheers!

79thPA Supporting Member of TMP11 Mar 2015 8:34 a.m. PST

What boards do 15mm and 54mm plastics (both 1/32 and 1/35) get assigned to? IMO, the Plastics Board needs to cover all plastics and, by Bill's definition in the table of contents, it is for all plastic soldiers. I don't see the point of all of this subdivision.

Personal logo sneakgun Supporting Member of TMP11 Mar 2015 9:47 a.m. PST

Sure, why not !

Griefbringer11 Mar 2015 11:41 a.m. PST

I was also going to mention 15 mm plastics, but 79thPA was faster. While these are at the moment pretty much restricted to WWII, I would expect to see them also for other periods in future.

Also, we might see plastics spreading into other scales, or the return of 6 mm and 10 mm plastics (done by GW a number of years ago, but later discontinued).

Personal logo Herkybird Supporting Member of TMP11 Mar 2015 3:26 p.m. PST

Yes, 2 boards, one for 28mm, would be good!

Personal logo Flashman14 Supporting Member of TMP12 Mar 2015 5:36 a.m. PST

I'm an early no on this one but I would support a French Aquatic Hussar board so long as it's divided for resin, lead, pewter, plastic (soft and hard), and card/paper.

John the OFM12 Mar 2015 3:31 p.m. PST

Riding sea horses, of course.

tomrommel113 Mar 2015 3:47 a.m. PST

yes please

TwinMirror16 Mar 2015 6:43 a.m. PST

Well Bill, you know where I stand! Most of all, I'd like a board for 1/72 scale – whatever the material – as it's a very widespread scale, but currently underrepresented here. But 28mm plastics would be nice, too!

I don't understand the neighsayers position – I don't find it at all hard navigating TMP's many subdivisions; I find them useful. And one can always cross-post between various boards, allowing quite a subtle cross-reach capacity, so that a 1/72 napoleonics player could cross-post to both the Napoleonics board and a (hypothetical) 1/72 board.

But I do find it a bit of a chore checking only vaguely suitable boards, like the current 'plastics' board, and trawling through hundreds of posts in the hope of finding one that's relevant to my preferred periods and scales.

But of course I suppose we could just scap all existing subdivisions, since it's all just playing with toy soldiers, isn't it, and just have one massive board called 'the miniatures page.' A triumph of minimalism!

1815Guy16 Mar 2015 10:42 a.m. PST

Yes please to the idea of 25/28mm boards.

Like 1/72 soft plastics, there is a whole growing market out there for 28mm, and new announcements arrive frequently.

And no I don't really want to open a posting and then discover it's about soft plastic Airfix stuff.

John Treadaway17 Mar 2015 7:48 a.m. PST


Personal logo DWilliams Supporting Member of TMP17 Mar 2015 7:58 a.m. PST

Are we to assume that the dozens of other boards are now exclusively for lead/tin metal enthusiasts?

I think a more generic "Working with Plastic Miniatures" board would be best. This is because I'm assuming the big difference between the two is largely in the 'modeling' aspects (gluing and trimming, etc.) and not the actual table top wargaming dimension.

Griefbringer17 Mar 2015 10:36 a.m. PST

Regarding scale-specific boards, once upon a time the Editor created a number of scale-specific boards for discussing WWII miniatures. I think there were around six different boards. Apparently they were not a big success, since most of those got discontinued after a while – only the microscale and 20 mm WWII boards remain.

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