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panzerjager19 Jun 2014 1:58 p.m. PST

I would like honest opinions on this gaming system. I have read through the examples of play and was wondering how well others have received these rules.



Some Chicken Inactive Member19 Jun 2014 2:20 p.m. PST

I have played it and the campaign system A Crown of Paper. I recommend both highly. ACoS has a much better period feel than, say, Bloody Barons and produces what we feel are very realistic battles. One of the features we like best is the way the course of battle is determined by a few key decisions using the orders chits. We found ourselves agonising over choices at critical points because if you get it wrong you probably either get hurt or miss your chance to get one over on the other lot.

We also really like the archery mechanism based on intensity (firing strength versus target density) and the permutations possible with the Handstrokes cards (which allow some control over close combat but still give an unpredictable outcome) and both are a nice change from simply rolling dice. Heresy maybe but it works.

The only downside is that a fair amount of preparation is involved. However, having made the cards and counters (as well as the map and many more counters for A Crown of Paper), I can honestly say it was well worth the effort.

panzerjager19 Jun 2014 2:35 p.m. PST

Fog of War – Does it allow you to simulate fog of war? Have you tried a Battle of Barnett scenario?


Proniakin Inactive Member19 Jun 2014 4:42 p.m. PST


Weather rules in ACoS are included in the random events deck. If you wanted to play a historical battle with the battle's actual weather, you would just pre-select the applicable weather card.

There are a lot of posts in the Perfect Captain yahoogroup's message archive concerning ACoS.

Personal logo chasseur Supporting Member of TMP19 Jun 2014 6:10 p.m. PST

We have played ACOS a few times ourselves and I agree with everything that Some Chicken said. They give a good game that feels right, the emphasis is on foot troops, as would be expected, but I would like to see a bit more attention paid to cavalry. Except for that small nit, I love the rules. We had originally begun with paper counters, but enjoyed the rules so much that we jumped into Perry WOTR figures for the game.

FYI, I understand that the Perfect Captain has an update in the works.

Some Chicken Inactive Member19 Jun 2014 11:59 p.m. PST

Chasseur thanks for mentioning that! I didn't know there was more coming, so that's great news.

Big Martin Back20 Jun 2014 5:19 a.m. PST

We've taken to the rules as well. We've played a number of games and are still learning a bit.
Chasseur – other than Blore Heath, not a lot of battles utilised cavalry to any extent. WOTR armies were pretty much a "ride there, fight on foot" phenomenon. We've not tried anything with cavalry, so far.
Glad to hear there's more to come from them – we could do with moving our "sort of campaign" on in time, though, as we've killed off Warwick (and most of the rest of the Neville clan) so far, I'm not sure how to develop things yet.

Gamesman620 Jun 2014 9:30 a.m. PST

I understand that there will be more to with cavalry and other areas in the upcoming update!

Spooner621 Jun 2014 11:49 a.m. PST

I have a question for those that have played these rules. How well do you think these rules would work for later HYW (post 1400)? I will try and join up on their yahoo group to get more insight into the rules.


Proniakin Inactive Member21 Jun 2014 2:56 p.m. PST

The personality cards are a big part of the game. You would have to come up with your own cards based on your own research/ opinions of HYW leaders.

Aside from that, you should be able to run HYW battles with the system.

Atheling Inactive Member25 Jun 2014 5:08 a.m. PST

I haven't had the pleasure though I have read through it many times and it seems like a good game and lots of fun.

I've been told that it has an excellent feel for the Wars of the Roses.


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La Journee Blog (Hundred Years War):
Gewalthaufen Blog (Late 15th Cebtury Blog):

Blackyorky Inactive Member29 Jun 2014 4:14 a.m. PST

Agree with everything said ,wondrerfull set everything is crap

Bagpiper Inactive Member06 Jul 2015 8:42 p.m. PST

My 5 cents worth, My Favourite set of wars of roses rules by far . They take some initial setting up , but well worth it . Many nuances and decisions in the melee. And archery phase . The riding retinue of each lord is where the cavalry is generated😌 I,m organizing a unit for my next game. 😊 Phil

Stew art Supporting Member of TMP08 Jul 2015 2:26 p.m. PST

I recently got into the Hx of the WOTR and based on this thread and others i went and downloaded the files. there are quite a number of them! looks very interesting.

Andy P Inactive Member09 Jul 2015 4:19 a.m. PST

Once you get past the shock of the downloads and gluing cards etc the rules are really great.

As stated The Perfect captain has some new Nobel cards ready for Post Towton and looking forward to updated rules along with cavalry rules.

Especially like the orders section and unit chits, captains add a lot to your force.

mdavis41 Inactive Member05 Jun 2016 6:15 p.m. PST

Just played my second game of ACoS. A lot of new terms to learn but well worth the effort. I built my Yorkist army so I could play this system.

I really like the overall feel of the game. It does a masterful job of simulating late medieval/early Renaissance warfare. Their is chrome galore but all of it additive to the experience.

The Rules are complex. A subject might be introduced and then explored in more detail in one or more following sections. Dont think you have the rules until you complete the rules book, several times.

In the edition I am using, there are some inconsistencies between the player aid cards and the rules. Minimum size of company for example. Steady attack is infinite versus two rounds as another.

Has there been a Revision of the rules recently? What is the current version to download! Or, is there going to be a Revision in the near future. The rules could use it, though they are still workable.

I hope there will be more characters, particularly Well Wisher leaders. I will post some image to my Blog shortly.

Wargamer Dave13 Sep 2017 4:23 p.m. PST

Interested in what people think of this rules set these days?

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