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jimklein196615 Jun 2014 7:14 p.m. PST

This game saw action between The Colonial Fleet the Federation from the original series Star Trek. Humans from 150,000 years ago, fighting humans from 300 years into the future. Quite the error in the time ‘Continuum' …heh.

The BSG Fleet is from Ravenstar Studios and the Federation fleet is from Amarillo Design Bureau. The models are for use in their game Star Fleet battles and the SSDs are loosely based on the ships in that game.

Mat and stands by Corsec Engineering


The Colonial Fleet



Federation Fleet- battle group, carrier group and Police cruiser group





Set up was pretty straight forward with the federation fleet setting up first. The scenario would be a simple slug fest.


Turn one
The fed carrier group launched its first wave of fighters while her deck crews got the second wave into position.


the colonial longbow cruiser launched a full spread of missiles at long range. The federation was confident the carrier group with its escorts could handle a missile barrage without difficulty but battlegroup was a different story. I chose not to send the fighters to help so I could keep their fuel consumption to a minimum and I didn't want to lose any fighters to chasing missiles.


All ships moved next and predictably the fed dreadnaught ended up practically on top of both missile counters. The group managed to destroy all but two of the missiles even tho most of the groups Phasers were fired in PDS mode. The two missiles wreaked havoc on the DN but failed to cause a threshold check.



The colonial fleet had also launched fighters (those are the green tokens- the player was thoroughly berated for not having fighter models heh) and they took up screening positions on two ships. The fleet split into two groups with the Chargers turning to engage the fed battlegroup and the rest turning to engage the carrier group.


The chargers fired on the fed heavy cruiser doing considerable damage but falling short of a threshold check.
The federation shields, as was to be expected, were useless.



The colonial elements facing the fed carrier group fired all their guns at long range at the escort frigate. One K-gun round tore through her small bridge, killing everyone there, and rendering the ship out of control.


The federation return fire was fairly light with only slight damage inflicted on two colonial ships, one charger and one caracal.

turn two
The colonials definitely had the advantage with longer ranged weapons. If things were going to turn my way I would have to close the range take advantage of my superior maneuverability.
Oddly enough closing the range is also what the colonials had in mind and we ended up nearly at point blank range.


The carrier group had to continue moving forward, unable to maneuver, so it could launch its second wave of fighters. The escort frigate was unable to transfer control to the emergency bridge in time and impacted on the closest moon. A third of the groups fighter defense went down with it.
The police cruiser squadron had swung around wide the previous turn and was now picking up speed to get into the fight.
The colonials launched another spread of missiles but miscalculated where the fed fleet was going to be and only one counter was in range to attack


The colonials sent their vipers (the green counters) and one Raptor squadron (the blue counter-armed with torpedoes) and were intercepted by the federation fighters.


The results were a federation victory. All the attacking planes were destroyed at a cost of 11 fed fighters. No ship took any damage in the brief engagement.


Now the big guns started firing-
The chargers were stuck in between two federation battlegroups but didn't go down without inflicting some painful damage



The colonial Battlestar and her esprts fired on the fed carrier group concentrating most of their fire on the escort destroyer.


When the dust settled both chargers were destroyed and the light Battlestar had taken some moderate damage to her armor belt. The federation lost the escort destroyer and the heavy cruiser Saratoga.


Moderate damage was inflicted on the carrier and command cruiser as well


Turn three "hard to starboard!!!"
The federation command cruiser and carrier turned hard using their maneuverability for all its worth. The carrier had to lay on some Emergency thrust to avoid getting pulled into the planets gravity well but her engineers were well trained and the ship easily passed the roll to make the maneuver. The fed police cruiser picked up speed again and barreled in looking for a soft target. The dreadnaught, not nearly as maneuverable chose to orbit the planet, hoping to come around behind the colonials.


With most of the colonial vipers destroyed the federation fighters decided to make a run at the Battlestar and were wiped out.


The fed carrier poured nearly all of its fire into the Battlestar saving two pahser shots for the caracal who unwittingly found itself under the carriers nose. The damage to the Battlestar was considerable.


The Battlestar returned fire and at point blank range only needed 2's for its K-guns. OOOPS!!!!


The rest of the colonial fleet was more than enough to do what the Battlestar could tho and the great ship was holed and left adrift to slowly be pulled into a decaying orbit around the planet. The police cruisers finished off the Battlestar while the command cruiser put several holes into two caracals but not enough to destroy them.


The next turn saw the two fleets temporarily break contact while they re-grouped to go after each other again.


Turn five
The colonials tried to accelerate but again the federation took advantage of their superior maneuverability and swung around trying to cut them off.


The problem was the command cruiser had a mood between it and the caracals so the police cruisers had to go against them with no cruiser support. Something ships the size of corvettes were never designed to do. They managed to destroy one caracal however and seriously damage one more but were all destroyed themselves in turn.


The command cruiser was in a good firing position however to fire all of its weapons on the longbow, hitting with both its torpedoes and rolling 6's for each of them.




The command cruiser took a fair bit of fire in return but fell short of a threshold check by one point!


The last turn
The longbow, despite her damage, only lost two K-guns. Despite that however there was very little the colonial player could do to stop the federation. The caracals could not turn around to engage the command cruiser and there was still that dreadnaught to worry about.


The longbow turned hard to avoid the asteroid field that was looming ahead but unfortunately that placed the ship in a perfect firing position for the fed command cruiser.


The cruiser fired her starboard side phasers at the trailing caracal and all it forward weaponry at the longbow, destroying both ships.



At that point the last caracal jumped away. (we called the game)

All in all this battle did not go at all like I expected it would. With the federation ships equipped with just standard shields I figured it would be a short game, resulting in a total federation loss. I think I got lucky or just made fewer mistakes than my opponent. The phasers, despite the enormous point cost in mounting them, were well worth it in terms of their flexibility of being able to fire as a PDS. The downside of course is they can't fire on ships the same turn.
Any and all comments welcome!!!

TheDreadnought15 Jun 2014 7:29 p.m. PST

Those are some gorgeous Federation models. Very jealous!

Personal logo MrHarold Sponsoring Member of TMP15 Jun 2014 7:31 p.m. PST

Great write up, awesome pictures and beautiful Miniatures. Looks like a win/win to me!

kidbananas15 Jun 2014 7:39 p.m. PST

Those Fed's are beautiful.

billthecat15 Jun 2014 8:03 p.m. PST

These miniatures and game concepts are just beautiful, but that game-mat/playing area just reallly hurts my eyes!

I really need to get into full-thrust again (patiently waiting for third edition).

jimklein196615 Jun 2014 8:59 p.m. PST

Thanks all. i need to do a better job of proof reading things bfr I post them tho- this thing has typos all over it…lol. What ever happened to the 'Edit' tab that was on here?

Billthecat- we have all been waiting for 3rd edition for 20 years…lol. FT:Cross Dimensions is generally regarded as 3rd edition since Jon Tuffley endorsed it. He said years ago there probably wouldnt be a 3rd edition persay. The game is pretty much fan driven now with tons of material out there with a large percentage of it play-tested to death. Star Rangers page has a fair bit plus there is FT:Warlord, Extreme Thrust and FT:XD Continuum to name just a few.

Again, thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed, and, if anyone knows where the edit tab went- please tell me :)

billclo16 Jun 2014 3:05 a.m. PST

I am surprised that the Feds did so well too. Using some of your later ships, with Advanced Shields might have made some difference as well.

What stats did you use for the Fed fighters? In the SFU, they can be real painful, especially if you use their uber-fighters like the F14. How did you model drones, which can have considerable range vs more conventionally armed fighters? I would think adding a one shot missile attack with a range of 12-18" to each fighter might do a decent job of simulating that.

Nice to see a battle with ships that have standard maneuverability versus ships with advanced drives. :)

TheBeast Supporting Member of TMP16 Jun 2014 5:35 a.m. PST

Thanks all. i need to do a better job of proof reading things bfr I post them tho- this thing has typos all over it…lol. What ever happened to the 'Edit' tab that was on here?

"The problem was the command cruiser had a mood between it and…"

Had a mood, then threw a tantrum. It was ugly… ;->=

Yeah, I've cursed the 'time out' on the edit; it can be a very short window, especially with a post this large. Best edit elsewhere, and copy-and-paste.

Fun stuff as always, Jim, though this a particular match up I've tended to avoid. Dean seemed to get a kick out it, though.


Delthos16 Jun 2014 5:52 a.m. PST

The edit button is only there for an hour after you post something, then it is gone.

colgar6 Supporting Member of TMP16 Jun 2014 6:30 a.m. PST

Very nice, as ever. But what the Bleeped text were the Fed. police cruisers doing in a major fleet engagement? Were they lost or something :-) ? They should have sat back and left this to the big boys of Star Fleet.

Raptoruk369 Supporting Member of TMP16 Jun 2014 7:23 a.m. PST

Stunning as always Jim,

"Im a wargamer , not an artist Jim !! "

Soon I will have access to my gaming table and there will be
no more excuses lol

Thanks for sharing

Deeman16 Jun 2014 7:29 a.m. PST

Beautiful game. I really should try FT.

jimklein196616 Jun 2014 7:47 a.m. PST

Arrrgh…curse the edit tab timer! lol

The fighters I used were the standard FT fighters. Against a fleet that is missile and fighter heavy I figured i would have to use them defensively so didnt see the advantage in loading anything else. I didnt have the points anyway. Against a different opponent i thought about using missile fighters and see how those work but havnt as yet had the opportunity.

What were fed police cruisers doing in a fleet engagement? They just got painted and the Admiral wanted to see them on the table :) LOL Besides, they kicked butt…right up to the point where they got killed.

billclo16 Jun 2014 8:50 a.m. PST

Jim, one thing that stands out, is how weak the Fed Police ships are, hull-wise. They are nearly as sturdy as the Fed Frigates.

If you go over to the Federation Commander website, you can look at the ship sheets and count overall system+hull boxes and see what I mean. Use Squadron Scale, not Fleet Scale.


Fed Frigate has 45 internal hit boxes (6 hull in your version), Police ship has 40. So I'd say that if you want them to reflect the SFU better, raise the Police ships to 5 hull (higher mass). Fed DD has 64 (12 hull in your version), should maybe be 8.

There may be other discrepancies, didn't count internal boxes on everything, but that really stood out to me. When I was fooling around with converting the SFU to Full Thrust (before I found out from ADB that it was a baaad idea), I used a process where I counted each ship's total internal hits and divided by 3 to yield hull boxes. You might look at something similar if you desire more consistency. If not, hey, have fun. :)

jimklein196616 Jun 2014 10:12 a.m. PST

I have the SSDs, albiet ones that are something like 15 years old..heh. Anyway, the police cruisers are definately a compramise. The idea was to provide the fleet with some VERY inexpensive corvette class ships that would match similar hulls fielded by some of our other players.

SFB doesnt translate directly to FT very well without some pretty big compramises. Still, i think the desighns retain the flavor of their origins and still be playable against other FT ships of similar mass.

Thanks for the input and the link tho!!!!

billclo16 Jun 2014 12:26 p.m. PST

No problem. :)

billclo16 Jun 2014 4:47 p.m. PST

Jim, have you looked at the Armed Cutters? Smaller hull, armed, very fragile.

PDF link

jimklein196616 Jun 2014 9:02 p.m. PST

Mmmmmm….phaser gunboats. :)


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