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366zoh6 Inactive Member22 Jun 2013 5:01 a.m. PST

I came down yesterday to The Weekend and all I can say is … What a blast! It's a much warmer and friendlier convention than I'm used to. The quality of games is great, people are friendly and I love the idea of the Munchie Pit!

I played in a Gaslight game – British forces against Martins (Kroot figures) and Imperial Japanese. Not only did I take out the first dangerous snail, we pulled off a mighty victory against the evil Martians and Japanese!

Watched my friends play in a ECW Black Powder game. Again, the game master was great the there was allot of fun had by all. Can't wait for the second day of festivities!

clifblkskull Supporting Member of TMP22 Jun 2013 8:31 a.m. PST

Sounds great fun.
Any pics?

epturner22 Jun 2013 9:33 p.m. PST

I'll try to get some. I have to say, I haven't laughed so much in a long, long time.

My Queenston Heights game came off well. I played in the Battle of Yellow Ford, 1598, and it was good. Even if I, as O'Neill, didn't do so well.

Gary Richards' "Jingo of the Seas" game is quirky, but a lot of fun. Trevor came over from the UK, Bowman (of TMP fame) made it down from Canada, so there was even an international flair this year.

Can't wait for next year.


OSchmidt Inactive Member24 Jun 2013 4:38 a.m. PST

Thanks to all who came and had fun either putting on games, playing games, or gassing in the Munchie pit. Especial Thanks to Dennis Shorthouse, George Deppner, Bill Molyneauz, Eric Turner, Mike Brown, Mic McGoldrick, Russell Etts, and a host of others for your over the top generosity with food, beer, and refreshments. I will thank you agai profusely in the "After-Action Report / Keepsake Booklet" I am putting together now with battle reports and lots of photograhps. Thanks to all the game-masters who put on games, and thanks to everyone for making "The Weekend A Success." We had an increased attendence (By my rough count attendence was up to 56,and we would up with a little more money to pre-pay for the hotel for next year, and we had everyone looking forward to 2014.

For me, the convention director it was also a success because I got to play games and we were able to do this with no staff to speak of, and we made some improvements this year which will bear fruit nextyear. One of these will be the change in scheduling to allow a large block of time for Lunch and dinner where people can go out and socialize and relax with their old friends, and the new ones they have made and gird their loins for the struggle of the further gaming. Another is that Mark Zaslavsky wants to organize some field trips and activities on the Thursday before the convention for people who come down early, and another gamer wants to handle some more raffles and prizes.

The convention went well. We seemed light on games going in to it, but virtually EVERYONE who comes if a GM and we have almost as many people just bring games and play them unannoucned. We continued with a variety of games, includng some SAGA games, a Young Frankenstein Game, a playtest-first out of the Box game for my new 18th Century Sailing Ship rules, and Bill Molyneaux played his French and Indian Wars game, a tuge triple-table thing with lots of miniatures, boats, beautiful terrain, and BOTH Forts Geprge and Ticonderoga.

Lots of fun and the pre-convention Dinner at Tony Wang's was hugely pleasurable. We also had about half a dozen walk-throughs from guests who were just coincidentally staying at the hotel and had never heard about war games before. They got the escorted guided tour and left with our "All About War Games" Booklet which we at Daisy drafted to explain the hobby to a person who never heard of it before 15 minutes ago. It would be absolutely boring to all of us as it's so basic, but to a newbie it gives them the whole story and allows them to bring something home with them.

the MST2000 event was great and "The Battle of the Bulge" got the trashing it has so richly deserved after all those decades. By the Way, we HAVE the translation of the "Panzer Song" from the movie and will be publishing it in the After Action Report. I myself was shocked to find out it was a REAL song! I didn't even think the Nazi's could produce such a piece of dreck! The second movie "They Saved Hitler's Brain" was, if possible even worse.

Well it's on to planning for "The Weekend" for 2014. The theme will be "The Ancient World, the Age of the Sword and the Sandal- or "Honey I sacrificed the Kids!"

Again, thanks to everyone who came and made the convention a success.

Personal logo Colonel Bill Supporting Member of TMP24 Jun 2013 5:54 a.m. PST

I have pictures of my game (Age of Valor Franco-Prussian War Fire & Fury) up on Facebook right now. Some of the images are truly awful as I was using the camera off my new cell phone, an HTC One, which was specifically built for inside, low light conditions. There is definitely a noticeable learning curve, but some pictures did turn out quite well.

Otto, use anything you want!

Here is the URL and I'll have a link posted to another location for all the non FBookers soon:


As regards the second movie, which I stayed for in a fit of drunken stupor, what has been seen cannot be unseen and I have been scarred for life.

Regards, Bill Gray

Personal logo Colonel Bill Supporting Member of TMP24 Jun 2013 6:40 a.m. PST

For all non-Facebookers, the link to my public Skydrive folder with the images (decent ones only, using an autocorrect feature):


Regards, Colonel Bill

Personal logo Bowman Supporting Member of TMP24 Jun 2013 8:37 a.m. PST

Eric says,

I played in the Battle of Yellow Ford, 1598, and it was good. Even if I, as O'Neill, didn't do so well.


Here's a picture of Eric waiting patiently for me to come over and kick his butt! I was at the far end of the table from him.


The very bottom of this picture shows my troops. Luckily for the Irish side, the biggest battle my troops had to face was getting the damned column across the river. My skill at failing the Orders phase of the game is matched by my missile troop's inability to shoot straight! Somehow, the English won!

Great game, George. Maybe a big ECW game for next year?

Personal logo Bowman Supporting Member of TMP24 Jun 2013 8:50 a.m. PST

Hmmm……seems I have figured out TMP and Photobucket.


Here is an overview shot of my "Battle of Olympus Mons" game using the excellent GASLIGHT rules. Almost 14 feet of VSF fun. The British Martian Expeditionary Force absconded with some alien technology from the Meiji Japanese controlled territory and that earned them a (very) minor victory over the Imperial Japanese and their Kroot allies.


On Saturday night, we had about 5 hours of continuous SAGA battles, on three battlefields. (Did we really play that long?) There was ample yelling, trash talking and no fisticuffs, so I'll assume everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thanks again to Otto for all the hard work, and for another successful Weekend. See you all next year.

9Suvorov9 Inactive Member24 Jun 2013 11:16 a.m. PST


THANKS for hosting a great weekend. Really good games and better company. The calendar is already cleared for next years event.

Personal logo snurl1 Supporting Member of TMP24 Jun 2013 9:53 p.m. PST

Good time, too bad I had to miss most of it due to work responsibilities. The SAGA games looked like fun, sat in for awhile and watched on Sat. evening. Will clear calendar for next time.

epturner25 Jun 2013 5:54 p.m. PST

I'll second that for George to run a big ECW game. More incentive for me to get off my arse and finally finish the pile of half painted figures.

Glad you had a good time. I enjoyed the BS-ing as much as the game itself.


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