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Red Wyvern Games Inactive Member21 Jun 2013 6:49 a.m. PST

My spare room is, as i'm sure is familiar with many of you, full to the rafters with old models and half used sprues etc.

I have of late been put under pressure from you know who to trim down my collection, and i'm inclined to agree with her.

Now, i've got plenty of reasonable models that I know will sell for a couple of quid on ebay, but at the same time the majority of my collection is just made up of the super common stuff that i can't see any one buying..

The picture should give some idea of the sort of minis i mean. I've mountains of old models like these guys with no particular importance or resale value..

I'm loath to just bin them however, so, any one got any suggestions?

HistoriFigs21 Jun 2013 6:59 a.m. PST

I find that there is almost always someone who wants my old models.

Over the years I have simply given the figures away. Sometimes to someone new to the hobby with few figures and little money (the kid down the street or some such) and sometimes someone who just has a hole to fill.

With a rising interest in skirmish gaming, I find that I can give away the odd handful of figures to get a new gamer on the road to a lifelong hobby.

A sea that raged no more21 Jun 2013 7:03 a.m. PST

Metal melted down. Plastic binned. But only if no interest shown in them for 5 years.

Clutter free is best.

(I guess I never really got the hang of this hobby) grin

Red Wyvern Games Inactive Member21 Jun 2013 7:07 a.m. PST

Clutter free is best.

I quite agree with you there.. I find myself spending less time on my hobby because I can't bear the spare room.

Giving them away isn't a bad idea, i'm not doing anything with them anyway.. a little charity to help the soul!

Personal logo 20thmaine Supporting Member of TMP21 Jun 2013 7:16 a.m. PST

Any friends with children getting started on "the GW hobby" ? They'd appreciate free figures.

Frederick Supporting Member of TMP21 Jun 2013 7:19 a.m. PST

I agree with the give away – there is always someone who can use free minis

Chris Palmer21 Jun 2013 7:21 a.m. PST

Volunteer to run a kids participation game at a local con or club with the figures, where all the participating kids get to keep a portion of the figures from the opposing sides.
That's the model we use for the HAWKs' Armies for Kids Project we do each year at Historicon. (if you were in the US, I'd suggest donating the figures to us)
For more info on the project see:

Red Wyvern Games Inactive Member21 Jun 2013 7:22 a.m. PST

Any friends with children getting started

Alas, no.

Though now I think about it, I do have a young cousin whom I haven't seen in a while, last I heard he was dabbling in the Doctor Who minis..

HAWKs' Armies for Kids Project

That is a really awesome project! good on you guys. Does anyone know of any similar project going on in the UK?

PiersBrand21 Jun 2013 7:34 a.m. PST

Some of those old Citadel Gobboes are pretty rare these days…

Ebay will get ya an ok price.

Though the give away options is far more noble.

79thPA Supporting Member of TMP21 Jun 2013 7:37 a.m. PST

Put them up at a bargain price and see where the bidding goes. People will buy damn near anything.

Personal logo Stronty Girl Supporting Member of TMP Fezian Inactive Member21 Jun 2013 7:56 a.m. PST

Are there any schools mear you with a games club or an art club who you could donate them to?

Red Wyvern Games Inactive Member21 Jun 2013 8:02 a.m. PST

Are there any schools mear you

Another idea i hadn't considered! there's certainly several schools nearby.. don't know if they have any gaming clubs, but there's only one way to find out!

Cheers for the myriad of suggestions, can always count on TMP to provide an answer!

Grelber21 Jun 2013 8:16 a.m. PST

The local gaming store had started up a group for teens to keep them off the streets at night. I donated some excess stuff to them for thee kids' group and the store (to my surprise) gave me a gift certificate there in return.

You could also give them to the Salvation Army or other charity thrift shop. Any money would go to a charity and somebody would buy them and gt some use out of the figures.


richarDISNEY Inactive Member21 Jun 2013 8:43 a.m. PST

But only if no interest shown in them for 5 years.
I disagree. I have plenty of projects that I have had for a lot longer than 5 years that I showed little interest in them, but are totally wanting to do it. ITs a time issue for me…

Rudi the german Inactive Member21 Jun 2013 9:36 a.m. PST

Get rid of the person who wants to trim down your collection….and keep your figures.


Personal logo Sgt Slag Supporting Member of TMP21 Jun 2013 9:51 a.m. PST

Several years ago, we found a bunch of 90's vintage, RPG materials at the local Salvation Army Store. My son purchased them for a song, kept what he wanted, sold the rest on e-Bay. 79thPA is correct: people will buy almost anything… Cheers!

Bravo Two Zero21 Jun 2013 10:04 a.m. PST

eBay them first. The money you make let the spouse use that to eBay somethin she wants or needs.

I find it best to keep the spouse happy, this allows my wargames addiction to prosper.

All are good options mentioned thus far. I also learned that some may find this to be a problem. More stuff is always good.

John Armatys21 Jun 2013 10:30 a.m. PST

If you really don't want to keep them (and you never know when they might be wanted) and you can't be bothered to sell them, don't bin them, give them to a charity shop.

Patrick Sexton Supporting Member of TMP21 Jun 2013 2:07 p.m. PST

I'll buy the goblins.

Just John Inactive Member21 Jun 2013 2:42 p.m. PST

I'd be interested in any old metal goblins or other items from the 80's.

skinkmasterreturns22 Jun 2013 4:27 a.m. PST

I just got rid of my last batch of those plastic gobbo spears.They went for .25 cents apiece.

(Phil Dutre) Inactive Member23 Jun 2013 10:41 a.m. PST

I give excess stuff away for free through the BnB at the local con or just to gamers or kids who are less lucky than I am and have a lesser amount of disposable income to spend on their hobby.

dave talley Inactive Member23 Jun 2013 7:56 p.m. PST

or using the current rules work up a very basic O&G army and donate to your local store, even better if you have the stuff for an empire army too

get other longbeards to donate excess plastics like tis and this way if some kids come in and wanna learn, they can use the stores armies or a if a experienced player is on hand he can walk them thru a basic game

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