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War Monkey15 May 2013 2:15 a.m. PST

And No it didn't hurt, Okay just an Idea inspired by this
TMP link

from this web site

Using minis


Painted all alike except with the yellow, blue and red markings, tanks and apc's I haven't thought about yet.

Now the fun part

The Idea is now is to come up with a random table of mishaps that each player would have to roll at the beginning of each turn
the player would pick only one figure on the table of his team or roll dice for which figure to be random, then roll on the random mishap table and go with the results, now of course not everything has to be bad, example might be;
Daydreaming no action this turn
See rabbit use movement points, move in random dice direction during movement phase.

Then carry out rest of combat actions for the rest of the unit as normal.

Now of course have to have a few bad things;
shot dead from stray bullet From five blocks over.
Shot in foot from team member, movement reduced to half for rest of game

What gaming rule would be best for this?

Any more thoughts or ideas for the table would be more then welcomed

Gasmasked Mook Inactive Member15 May 2013 2:33 a.m. PST

I once did something similar with my 28mm Pig Iron militia. Everyone's troops were identical and we spent the whole game making fun of the typical post-apoc tropes. Most of the evening was spent noisily asserting that OUR rat-infested hovel was SO much worse than everyone else's because WE have to lick radioactive slime from the walls for sustenance and our only form of entertainment was hitting ourselves in the head with hammers and enjoying the feeling of numb concussion.

A proper mishap table sounds good but I tend to prefer some of the spontaneity of doing everything on the fly. I dropped my man and his head popped off? Merely a fleshwound! That man was in fact a colony of sentient worm-mutants living in an old greatcoat. They call themselves Bob. Although I gather the inspirational webcomic you posted is somewhat darker than Romantically Apocolyptic which was ours.

Rod I Robertson Inactive Member16 May 2013 11:04 a.m. PST

Please, this is a thought-free zone!
Rod Robertson.

Mad Mecha Guy Sponsoring Member of TMP16 May 2013 11:58 a.m. PST

remember big brother says "thinking is bad for you "

War Monkey16 May 2013 9:00 p.m. PST

Yes to all of the above, I can't stop myself the little voice in my head says "DO IT!"

The terrain board would be Post Apocalyptic city, with a clear city square in the middle and a objective marker located there "Map of the way OUT" first player there wins,

Sounds easy! Mm NO! Now comes the random "Mishap Table" players at the beginning of their turn roll a die or dices to see which of their figures is effected, each figure will need a number marker for dice rolls, then roll on the Mishap Table and apply the roll

D20 Mishap Table;

1. Shot Dead from stray bullet blocks away in another battle.
2. Hungry, sees rabbit spends all movement chasing rabbit to the nearest broad edge.
3. Daydreaming no action or movement this turn.
4. Shot in the Foot, by fellow team member, half movement for the rest of game.
5. I see a way out! spends all movement moving to the player's right.
6. Coffee break! spends movement moving to nearest building.
7. Defective grenade falls from individual and kills individual.
8. He's Cracked, spends rest of game moving off the board to the nearest edge.
9. Do you hear that! hears a radio and spends all movement moving to player's left.
10. Falling Rock, debris falls from building killing individual.
11. Board with nails hit individual in leg reduce movement to half for remainder of game.
12. Magazine falls out no firing this turn.
13. Gas mask failure movement reduce to half for this turn.
14. Steps on mine individual is killed.
15. New orders, spends all movement moving to closest team member to confirm orders.
16. Can we all just get along, Spends all movement moving to closest enemy unit.
17. Stuck in rubble no movement this turn.
18. Falls in to a hole full of rebar and is impaled to death.
19. Wait for reinforcements, no movement during remainder of game.
20. I'll find my own way out, spends all movement moving to the opposite board edge.

Not so easy now, you might be lucky to have anyone left to get the map, but sounds like loads of fun and mishaps, of course one can use the miniatures they already have.

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