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Rocketeer Inactive Member19 Nov 2012 10:36 a.m. PST

Last Friday, at Games-Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL, I presented a demo game of Squadron Strike, using ships from the upcoming Directorate/Alliance war project. Here are some player aids:


The Directorate flight:


And the Alliance flight:


I did get in a game with a friend of mine. We began with just two ships per side. The Directorate/Alliance war uses Mode 1 drives ("cinematic" movement, rather than vector) and no torpedoes. There are missiles, but we maneuvered in such tight quarters that these weren't going to be effective. So we were reduced to a "cannon" fight.

My friend got Directorate ships, a Wisdom CL and a Reason CA. These are equipped with Gluon beams, mounted with front-to-side arcs. He also has some Phasers in turrets with various facings, usually for anti-missile defense. He also has missile mounts, but we didn't get into a missile solution position during the game. Each ship has a modest (I thought way too many) set of shield bubbles for all angles and almost no armor beneath it.

I had Alliance ships, a Rio de Janeiro CL and a Uruguay CA. These ships each have two Proton cannon, firing forward only. When they hit they do a lot more damage than do the Directorate's Gluon beams, but they can fire only every other turn. These also have a number of Phasers, in turrets with various facings. Again, my missiles didn't get used during the game. The front-facing cannon puts a premium on effective maneuvering, a weak point with me. Yes, Alliance ships also have shield bubbles but weak armor underneath them.

We started off about 14 hexes apart, about 6 levels separating us and climbing/diving towards each other. I began with a sloppy paired turn to the right, on the next turn recovering to the left. My friend spent his time maneurvering each ship individually to get a good firing solution from either side onto just the Rio (throughout the game the CAs weren't targeted). The Rio lost all its shield bubbles on its front, with minor internal damage. I got long shots into the Wisdom, breaking through the front shields and causing minimal, easily repaired damage.

Curiously, the Wisdom, Reason and Uruguay all had estimates to arrive in the very same hex, and almost the same level, the very next turn!


The next turn we each tried to adjust courses to take advantage of things. My opponent turned to catch the Rio from the side/rear. I moved the Rio forward and up, trying to make another vertical turn to get out-of-arc. I reminded myself to roll, presenting an untouched shield sector to them -- and forgot to mark it so! Command failure, it seems. However, with a subtle adjustment to the Uruguay's final vector, and a bit of luck, and I had the Uruguay's Proton cannons looking right up the Wisdom's stern! Two Proton cannon shots and 8 Phasers went into the Wisdom. Two of the shots provided a combined 12 points into its SI section, resulting in -- ONE total damage point! My 2d10- rolls were pathetic. I had that ship dead-to-rights.

The next turn saw the Wisdom rocketing past the Rio, giving the Rio a great solution for it's Proton cannon. I did remember to roll the Rio, but it had damage to the Roll thrusters and couldn't get much done there. The Rio's Phasers and a Proton cannon shot softened up the bubbles there, and the second Proton cannon shot went right through to the SI section again causing -- ZERO damage. This was disgustipating!

Meanwhile, the Wisdom and the Reason were ganging up on the Rio, knocking out weapons, roll, pivot, all damage control and the bridge. I also lost all but ONE SI box. The ship lived, but barely.


At that point our game time ran out for the night. Our admittedly slow play resulted in only 5-6 turns. My opponent's flight had decided to leave before the Wisdom was destroyed -- its lucky rabbit foot was worn out and then some! I previously had some doubts about the utility of the Proton cannon. I figured their every-other-turn firing made them not very useful. But my friend said that its striking power -- up to 13 damage points -- scared him, thus his exit from the battle scene.

We managed to prove that even a small Squadron Strike skirmish could result in significant damage and results in a short time frame. I'll be hosting more of these games, from time to time, at Games-Plus.

AdAstraGames Inactive Member19 Nov 2012 12:53 p.m. PST

Thank you for running the demo. I like the gliders with the symbols drawn on them.

Tim White Inactive Member20 Nov 2012 11:46 a.m. PST

Thanks for posting the battle report. Playing a bit of SS myself these days.


evilmike Inactive Member01 Dec 2012 4:26 a.m. PST


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