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kallman24 Sep 2012 6:45 a.m. PST

I am running a Disposable Heroes game at Southern Front titled "To Catch a Fox" this is a fictional scenario that has Rommel cut off with only a platoon of Afrika Korps Panzergrenadiers, a couple of tanks (Panzer III G (early, Panzer II, plus various transport hold up in an abandoned village. An ad hoc force of British 8th Army infantry and armor with some support weapons(HMG and AT Rifle)are trying to take Rommel before he can make a break back to his lines.

The scenario features a sand storm that is abating which is why the Desert Fox has not already made a run to escape. My plan was to use a deck of cards to represent the ebb and flow of the abating sand storm. Each unit that actives draws a card and multiples the face number of the card times three for how far they can see. Face cards will count as 10. When a joker is drawn the storm has finally stopped. Therefore, a unit activates, draws a card, determines how far it is able to see, then decides what action it will perform. Of course, if you draw an ace you can only see three inches which will limit movement and any shooting. So what do you think. By making it a draw of the card for each activation I figure that it will add an interesting fog (sand) of war but should see the storm done by at least the second turn. There are a total of 16 to 20 units on the table. Rommel has to escape off a specific table edge.

So what does everyone think?



wrgmr124 Sep 2012 8:16 a.m. PST

The storm would be more consistent than changing every activation. Maybe draw a card for the storm every turn, half turn or every 4 or 5 activation's.

Steve24 Sep 2012 11:43 a.m. PST

Yes, I think maybe the site should be the same for both sides, but change as wrgmr1 offered up. Like he said maybe every third or fourth activation (each side). Could be interesting do I wait with this unit to see if the visibility gets better or do I shoot now at a target that's not as enticing…

Edit-instead of drawing cards which would give a large variability, maybe do 3d10 instead (or 3d6x2)that would give more of an averaging affect. Any time you get 2 10s then it's over.


Personal logo combatpainter Supporting Member of TMP Fezian24 Sep 2012 1:49 p.m. PST


kallman25 Sep 2012 7:01 a.m. PST

I will try and post some pictures later. Combatpainter you have to take some credit as you ran some wonderful 28 mm Disposable Heroes games at Cold Wars set in North Africa that inspired me to do the same.

After seeing the post from wrgmr1 and Steve I think I may combine the two ideas. I am going to do a play test of the scenario next week to work out any kinks.

Here is a follow up question. While both sides effectively have an infantry platoon a side, and the game is a break out scenario I am trying to figure out how to balance the AFVs. The Germans have three Kubelwagons, three motor cycles with side cars, and a couple of Opel Blitz trucks to attempt to escape in and they must exit the eastern board edge with Rommel in order to tie or win. The other victory locations are a fuel dump in the town and a German agent who has sensitive battle plans. Therefore, there are two moving victory locations and the German players start with control of all three in the village. In addition to the trucks, cars , motorcycles, the Germans will have a Panzer III G with 37mm and a Panzer II E because these are the models I have. For the British players I have the choice of having them field a M3 "Honey" Stuart, and/or a Matilda II. Or, the British can have a M3 Grant. The problem is that the Panzer II, unless very lucky cannot do much of anything any of the allied tanks. The Panzer III with the 37mm has a slight chance of maybe doing something to any of these tanks. Of course the emphasis for the German players is to get Rommel safely off the table, not get into a tank duel.

Other models I have that could be played are a second Panzer III and Panzer II as well as two 222s. I have a Panzer IVd that is not assemble as of yet but could be put together and made ready in time for the convention. I also could add a 2 pounder AT gun to the British forces, but I think the British players have plenty of firepower to attempt to knock out the soft vehicles and the British tanks regardless of which one goes in the scenario are very capable of going up against the German armor in the game.


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