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soulman01 Sep 2012 5:10 a.m. PST

Hello all i wonder if you can help me. I`m weak in maths and just wanted somebody to show me if i`m doing anything wrong or messing up with my rule design..

So im putting together for my pleasure some rules for skimish encounters etc and had a rule idea..

So her go`s…

Its a 2D6 system, at the moment based on the 7+ for sucess as a starting number.

The scale slides up and down based on the difference on the two abiliites of the person say ATTACKING and the person DEFENDING as a example.

So a soldier with ATT of a +2 shoots at a grey alien ( X-com ) with a DEF of +4, being small and quick…
The aliens DEF is a full +2 more then the attacking marine, and so the 7+ number moves 2 places to a 9+.
So the marine would roll 2D6 and need a 9+ to hit.

If i was shooting at a slow zombie with a DEF of -1 then the marines shooting will be a +3 in total, thats a 4+ to hit the zombie.

Simple and allows for solo play as its just one set of dice to roll with the abiliites for the two models etc.

So.. does that sound simple and a working system to use..?

The last thing which i wish to use is the 1 and the 6 on each dice too.

1`s mean bad things could happen and a 6 means a good thing. double 1 and double 6 also works.

A example if i may..

The marine could be shooting with a assault rifle and on the rifle card it may read the following

1+1 – Out of ammo for good, swap weapon
1 – Ammo check
6 – rapid fire +1 damage or Target pinned
6+6 Spray, all targets within 3" could be hit.

So when rolling for attack you may hit or miss, and extra game effects may come into play as well.

the same system can be used for things like moving over a wall etc.
1+1 – fall and slip, lose all actions
1`s – no luck, try again
6 – you climb over wall, no more actions
6+6 – leap over wall and can still use second action

As you see in this example of maybe a gears of war trooper thinking about jumping over cover which hes behind.
The key is the 1`s and 6`s in the roll of the 2D6. So can anybody tell me the odds or whatever on a chance of a 6 being rolled or a 1 and the sme with the doubles….

Is it too easy say when shooting to keep rolling a 1 and makes a ammo check, or the same with a 6 etc.

I really feel i like to roll with this system, but need some knowledge from the big boys….!!!

Alan – UK

MajorB Supporting Member of TMP01 Sep 2012 5:36 a.m. PST

Chance of rolling a 1 = 11/36
Chance of rolling a 6 = 11/36
Chance of rolling double 1 = 1/36
Chance of rolling double 6 = 1/36

Katzbalger Inactive Member01 Sep 2012 5:42 a.m. PST

The 7 as a base success for a 2d6 roll (then adjusted by firer and target mods) is actually used in other systems (like Traveller, for exammple), so is pretty standard. The "special effects if roll 1 or 6" is also used in some other systems--like Chain Reaction (multiple ones means out of ammo, for example).

With your spedcial rolls, you get 1 shot out of 36 will be an out of ammo result--plus you may have an out of ammo on an additional 1 out of 6 shots. Not sure if you are modelling really havey shooting with moderate ammo loadout or not, but you may want to check your base assumptions to make sure the number of "out of ammo" results you will get in a game is what you are trying for.

1 shot out of 36 will be a "can hit all targets within 3" of target area." Since this roll sounds like your to hit roll, you have not described how the additional targets will be hit, I presume another 2d6 is involved. Depending upon how much time each turn represents (or the base unit size), this could be excessive if there are no-auto or -semiauto weapons included in the game, though. The 1 out of 6 shots does extra damage sounds like it would not unbalance the game.

In short--make sure that your "special effects" give a result that really isw what you are looking for. If this is intended to be a short game (say 3 or 4 turns), then you are probably fine as you have it, but if the game is intended to run for 12 or more turns, you may find a bunch of unarmed troops running around--whicdh is okay if that's what you are trying for but may not be a lot of fun for folks that are stuck running those figs.


soulman01 Sep 2012 6:34 a.m. PST

Thanks for the quick feedback and also the nod to other systems. I have not looked at traveller since the 80`s and maybe i can find online alittle about the system, maybe a traveller light free download maybe.

The 1 and 6 special effects was there to take away alot of options and choices and allow then to be surprises to all at that moment.

Thanks indeed and i have a peek at traveller…Thanks all and thanks Rob

Personal logo Extra Crispy Sponsoring Member of TMP01 Sep 2012 7:00 a.m. PST

Make the special effects only good on specific doubles. So snake eyes = out of ammo but boxcars = spray. That way each has only a 1 in 36 chance. Assuming you fire only once per turn, and a game runs 12 turns, you'd normally expect to only get one or maybe two "special" rolls per game (actually 0.67 per game). So overall you;d have 1.5 specials per 12 turns.

commanderroj Inactive Member01 Sep 2012 7:23 a.m. PST

if you need to reduce the probability/up the variations-use a third dice of a different colour (or justuse a D4 instead). Use the score on the other dice to modify the effect of the D1/6's.

Lion in the Stars01 Sep 2012 10:27 a.m. PST

Infinity has critical hits happening 1 shot in 20. It's normal to see a critical hit every 5 exchanges of fire (3 shots in active turn, plus one shot in ARO, = 4 shots per exchange). Roughly two critical hits per turn.

If each shot is a 2d6 and you have multiple shots per action, your special effects are going to be very frequent.

Stryderg01 Sep 2012 10:50 a.m. PST

This is how you can figure out your chances of rolling a certain number:

I would do something like: all ATT values are negative numbers and all DEF values are positive. Just makes the math easier:
Marine shooting: -4
Bug defense: +2

to hit = 7 + 2 – 4

Dunadan Inactive Member01 Sep 2012 3:01 p.m. PST

Or work the ATT into a base shooting value for each troop, so a solder with ATT-4 would be ATT 3+. Negative numbers being good is kind of counter-intuitive, though I do like the old D&D armor class system, so it is certainly workable.

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