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"Playing Malifaux in the 18th C.?" Topic

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abdul666lw10 Dec 2011 2:15 p.m. PST

Some 'Horror' games set by tradition in the 'Gothic 19th C.' period such as 'Chaos in Carpathia' link can obviously be played with 18th C. miniatures -as was demonstrated recently in Ardoberg-Holstein link
A cornucopia of 'human' miniatures is available in 28-30mm size in historical (incl. highwaymen and smugglers) and pirates ranges; a few are hidden in unexpected places, such as Enigma Catherine, Valiant Pilgrims (female and 2 male), the female Duellist (sic) in the Cobalt SF range re-issued by Black Hat…
The boxed game 'A Touch of Evil' link includes 18th C. minis, including a (not very sexy) 'monster huntress' (wood bolts with a silver head would be equally efficient against vampires and werewolves):


'Monsters' and 'Supernaturals' are to be (almost) naked not to be 'labelled' to a given period by their clothes.
Naked Werewolves are widely available: Black Orc., Heresy, Otherworld, Reaper,.. The Crocodile Games 'Ghouls' (Pickman's model) can be used as werewolves. The Wolfen ('Confrontation')and Reaper Lupines carry hand-to-hand weapons. Other turned giant Hulk-fashion when shapechanging, so their trousers now look like 18th C. breeches (Uncle Mike, Westwind …). Puppetwars' werewolves heads and arms allow conversion of human minis in 'period' costume..
Naked -but not too decayed to be 'credible'- Zombies are quite rare

but naked 'generic ghouls' can play the part link / link / link
A few 'undead Marines' from 'pirates' ranges can be painted as zombies.
Yet still 'zombies' in movies are humans with some cosmetics, the easier way to obtain zombies in costume period is to slightly convert 'normal' human miniatures link : great demonstration (Victorian period) here: link
Vampires? According to the 2 seminal novels, Carmilla and Dracula, vampires can mix with humans totally unnoticed, so would NOT require special minis when in human form. Yet for those wishing to have vampires victims of the 'Sunnydale syndrome', Foundry 'Revenant Elves' are appropriate, specially the females

as well as Reaper 'Skinsaw man' link , Zenit Thetis link and Reaper Gnome wizard for a young girl link .
Btw for those *embarrassed* (given the blood feud between vampires and werevolves) by the rumor that master vampires can turn to giant wolves, Hellsing Ultimate offers a caper: Alucard turns into a giant *dog* (with more than one pair of eyes), and Taban Miniatures has a fitting figurine: link

(and I find changing to a flock of bats more 'in character' than turning to smoke')


More 'specialized' Horror games such as 'Strange Aeons' can also be played in the 18th C.: link. Again the Lovecraftian monstrosities are widely available, link / link ; 'pirates' ranges offer suitable complementary figurines (surgeon with saw, carpenter with ax, 'hied hands' link; the Privateer Press Warmachine mercenary 'press gang' (painted here: ERROR - no url for link)] also has potential as denizens of some 'mansions of madness', as do some unconventional Freebooter 'pirates' link …) and Carnevale now has 'mad doctors' and people having missed their sanity roll link
(Btw some recent additions to PP 'Everblight' huge warbeasts are quite 'Lovecraftian' link / link


But then can even a game with such a specialized setting as Malifaux be transposed to the 18th C.? YES.
As for 'human' figures many are not in blatantly 'period' dress and can be used. 'Normal' 18th C. minis can replace those in 'steampunk' costume; additionally 'quasi-18th C.' minis such as the PP Cygnar 'Arcane Tempest Gun Mages' could be thrown in the mix: link e.g. such as Guild Guards.
The difficulty mainly come from the 'mechanical', typically Steampunk, constructs. For 'Lacepunk' I suggest to substitute them (stats unchanged) with bioconstructs: some are already in the Wyrd range, but one can add not a few from Privateer Press 'Hordes' link and from other sources such as Zenit Graft link Patch link Rotten link ; Enigma (available also through Taban) link Dushatâr link Rotten scum link and the Flesh demon for Helldorado:


Valiant (32mm Fantasy) also offers some bizarre'… things
As for the mechanical tunneling worm, giant worms of the Dune (but undersized) / Tremors are available link , and arachnoid / insectoid aliens in 15 or 28mm (too numerous to link) can be substituted to the mechanical arachnids…

So, yes, it certainly can be attempted.

abdul666lw20 Dec 2011 6:18 a.m. PST

Updated relevant thread: TMP link

abdul666lw27 Dec 2011 8:59 a.m. PST

The Titan Forge 'Skydevil'


may be an "emphatically NOT Disk of Ts'", but it looks quite good.
Indeed several Ts' "beings" are quite Lovecraftian.

abdul666lw29 Dec 2011 1:26 p.m. PST

Gribbly Miniatures
Broodmother link



is… interesting
The Bile Worms link
are more… traditonnal

abdul666lw13 Jan 2012 8:55 a.m. PST

Not off-topic: for other Lovecraftian monstrosities or 'bioconstructs', the Spanish 'Sphere Wars' range offers 'interesting beasties among the 'Vastagos-de-Kurgan' link



and 'Island of Dr Moreau'-like men-beasts / werecreatures among the 'Adeptos-de-Malesur' link

abdul666lw04 Feb 2012 8:38 a.m. PST

As a 'classical' Lovecraftian monster usable in other settings as a 'bioconstruct", the Tengu 'Son of Yog-Sothoth' is not bad:


abdul666lw04 Feb 2012 1:31 p.m. PST

'Wonderland project' produces 35mm minis, but some are scale-independent enough to fit with 28 – 30mm ones:



Those Taban miniatures (for their post-apo game 'Eden' link ) are generic enough:


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