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"Best 28mm Aztec, Mayan, or other Mezoamericans" Topic

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28mmMan04 Jun 2011 7:58 p.m. PST

Preferably the battle ready types.

Feeling the drive to make a Fantasy Amazon Jungle warband.

If I could pick an image to find in miniature it would be these


A mix of empires is fine, I could use them together or as squads.

Thanks in advance.

28mmMan04 Jun 2011 8:08 p.m. PST

Sorry thread title should have had a "?" :(

Personal logo oldbob Supporting Member of TMP04 Jun 2011 8:48 p.m. PST

Foundry character pack, The Outpost Wargames Service, TAG and Eureka Mininatures.

Pictors Studio04 Jun 2011 9:35 p.m. PST

Foundry has some very nice Aztecs. They are a little on the pricey side. I've been painting a bunch of the Eureka ones lately and they are very nice figures as well.

TAG does make some very nice ones too.

Fortunately you don't have to pick just one, they all mix pretty well together.

28mmMan04 Jun 2011 11:01 p.m. PST

Thanks guys I will check them out!

28mmMan04 Jun 2011 11:26 p.m. PST

Nice stuff indeed…any chance we know of someone carrying these lines stateside?

whill405 Jun 2011 6:50 a.m. PST

Outpost and Eureka. Outpost is my favorite. I don't like TAG because the shields are to thick.

Personal logo oldbob Supporting Member of TMP05 Jun 2011 6:50 a.m. PST

Foundry character pack, go through The War Store, Neil sell Foundry stuff at a discount. Both "TAG" and The Outpost Wargames Service have good shipping cost. Eureka miniatures, send Nic a email about shipping prices. Be careful with Foundry most of the Warrior packs don't have weapons anymore! My first choice would be The Outpost Wargames Service.

28mmMan05 Jun 2011 7:19 a.m. PST

Appreciate the data, the info, the 411 :)

bjporter05 Jun 2011 11:05 a.m. PST

Eureka are pretty nice. I haven't looked at their website to view the entire ranges that are available, but I get the impression that they have more stuff available than is listed on their website.

I've seen previews of stuff not yet available on different websites. I'd say email Nic for complete lists.

28mmMan05 Jun 2011 4:04 p.m. PST

I've been reviewing the available miniatures and there are some nice ones.

Though some seem to be a bit, stunted or squaty. They were not a tall people by any means but some of the sculptures seem dated a bit.

But then, some are crazy fun.

It is quite the conundrum…

28mmMan05 Jun 2011 4:24 p.m. PST

I found the Black Hat 15mm Aztecs and Enemies by accident link is it just me, and please don't sling river stones or jab jaded blades at my general chest/heart area…is it just me or do these look at least as good as most of the 25/28mm variety?

I had not considered the 15mm size/scale because I was looking forward to sculpting a larger Frog Mage on palanquin, but suppose I could go down to 15mm, it would make an imposing warband/army.


UK John05 Jun 2011 10:11 p.m. PST

look at Scheltrum Miniatures as well – they have some Mayans

28mmMan05 Jun 2011 10:59 p.m. PST

Ok I have been pouring over the ones available, checking out all the companies mentioned above and I do believe I am leaning towards Eureka; link for 28mm…and the Black Hat for 15mm.


I was mulling over plastic zulus, converting like a madman…

UK John06 Jun 2011 9:53 p.m. PST

or plastic 20mm from Caesar?

28mmMan07 Jun 2011 8:25 a.m. PST

Thanks for the bump UKJohn those Caesar are interesting.

BlackWidowPilot Fezian07 Jun 2011 11:13 a.m. PST

The former Pass o' the North 28mm Tlaxcalans and Aztecs are still in production through Monday Knight Productions here in the US.

Hope this helps!evil grin

Leland R. Erickson

28mmMan07 Jun 2011 11:46 a.m. PST

Thanks Leland. The couple that are shown on the website have potential.

I saw their new tanks on an earlier post, they are fun. But their website leaves me a bit cold, how can a company hope to sell miniatures that the potential buyer can not see? A website without pics of the miniatures is so 1980 :(

I appreciate the recommendation though :)

UK John11 Jun 2011 2:13 p.m. PST

the problem with 20mm packs are you are tied to what is in the box. If someone did metal 20mm you could use the plastics for cheap core troops and metal to fill gaps as i do with WW1

There is also a set from Revell but practically impossible to find

fitterpete11 Jun 2011 9:05 p.m. PST

For Eureka you can go to Eureka USA and avoid the halfway around the world shipping cost.
Robs a treat to deal with.

edit:My bad didn't see the logo at the top of the link

28mmMan11 Jun 2011 9:37 p.m. PST

It is all good in the hood :)

Still thinking about the options…

colin knight12 Jun 2011 3:29 p.m. PST

Love the Outpost and Eureka stuff but was also amazed at the Bears Den Incas and just had to buy a couple packs.

28mmMan12 Jun 2011 5:43 p.m. PST

Yep I found those last week

This pack in particular looks good

Bowman12 Jun 2011 8:17 p.m. PST

You do know those are Incas, which are neither Aztecs, Mayans nor Mesoamericans, right? If you want a fantasy Amazonian army shouldn't you look at Amazonians? For Inca I prefer Foundry and Outpost as they are the most accurate. For Amazonian tribes I like Copplestones the best.

28mmMan12 Jun 2011 8:20 p.m. PST

Yes, I know many of those links are blending the lines.

I am not a stickler for the historical security of one or the other, it is really more of a look I am hoping to find.

Copplestone Eh?

28mmMan12 Jun 2011 8:33 p.m. PST

Hey hey!

I think we may have a winner winner chicken dinner!

(warning there are tiny miniature wieners on the nearly naked men)


And a Tupi Tribe Deal
TMP link

Thank you Bowman. I don't have the historical miniatures background to think beyond my vision…Amazonians are exactly what I was thinking of…I got lost following the lead from Games Workshop having the Aztec-ish look.

These should work nicely.

Bowman13 Jun 2011 5:52 a.m. PST

My pleasure. Just think of all those complicated Aztec uniforms that you don't have to paint now.

28mmMan13 Jun 2011 7:26 a.m. PST

Lol…ah but think of all the extra feathers, wraps, bangles, and jade that I will be adding :)

I really appreciate the miniatures for their clean lines and blank canvas.

I am looking forward to adding bits of fun.

The only real issue with the Amazonians is the complete lack of armor…in gaming terms I may be setting myself up for failure :(

But I am going for a look after all :)

Bowman13 Jun 2011 8:30 a.m. PST

The Tupi did quite well against Portuguese and French Conquistadors in Brazil. In a stand up fight in open ground they would do poorly. Make a jungle terrain, with use of sneak attacks and hidden deployments. Also have their movement rates greater than the Europeans (or any non-local enemy). Get the Tupi tribe deal and have your Tupi outnumber the enemy. Lot's of interesting things to think about.

Now you have to find images of their tattoos.

28mmMan13 Jun 2011 9:33 a.m. PST

Tupi or Botocudo

I do favor the Botocudo war clubs (wiener alert!)



As far as tattoos go, I have some experience with this aspect but would most likely adapt the inkwork to represent the Slann/frog-toad god (toad is most likely, I like the texture of the toad aspect) as well as the other important considerations of tribal tattoos…hunter, coming of age, family, ownership, wealth/property, kills, wives, region, elemental spirits, etc.

As it is fantasy I could go any direction but most likely will go the ash blue faded tattoo work with some blur due to the process and age.

I had not given much thought to tattoos until now, would add to the final result…if my meager painting skills can come close to matching my interest and vision.


The quicker movement is a good thought…poison weapons is another. I suspect a shadow technique would be reasonable, allowing for a minus to be hit if in contact with jungle/forest terrain.


I have been a fan of the larger mob scenario before, so the idea of having vulnerable yet larger numbers would work for me :)

28mmMan13 Jun 2011 10:04 a.m. PST

Found a couple painted versions of the Copplestone Amazonians

(wiener warning!)


Bowman13 Jun 2011 1:31 p.m. PST

The Tattoos aren't too hard. Photo #4 is from my internet buddy, Karl. He uses a lot of black and red and I think they look terrific. Not as bad as Celts!

28mmMan13 Jun 2011 3:44 p.m. PST

Agreed. I like the stark dimorphic color contrasts.

Cacique Caribe27 Jul 2011 10:23 a.m. PST

From too far south to be Mesos . . .

The Foundry Incas packs can make for a good core that can be filled out with Outpost Incas.

Definitely compatible.

TMP link

Cacique Caribe30 Jul 2011 10:10 p.m. PST

Last chance for a great deal . . .

TMP link


Lowtardog24 Aug 2011 6:24 a.m. PST

Just catching up, great idea and yes the Tupi, Botocuvo work very well for this, if you can pick up Hemmings Red gold for historical insight into Brazil and the warring tribes. Eureka have released some nice Tupi which are small but work well for tribes if using larger figures

Lowtardog24 Aug 2011 6:28 a.m. PST

Oh BTW Bowman is that Ralph?

I am selling off my Aztecs and Inca like Dan, also Tarascans and Tlaxcalans also Spanish Conquistadors.

Though I will keep my Portuguese and French plus the indians as it is such an interesting period

Bowman24 Aug 2011 5:01 p.m. PST

Hi Karl, ya it's me, incognito. I'm sorry but I have enough Inca now. What Tarascans have you got? Won't the shipping be $$$?

Lowtardog25 Aug 2011 3:03 a.m. PST

Hi, sorry I ve been off radar had a lot of domestic problems last 9 months so now foot loose and fancy free but on the down side forcing sale of lots of

I have around 100 of the Outpost ones. Not sure on price for postage but you can have them for 50p a figure I will see what the wieght is if I can.

I will e-mail you over weekend



Rdfraf Supporting Member of TMP20 Jun 2012 5:06 p.m. PST

I'm selling off my leftovers from a never quite finished "Spanish invasion of Mexico" project .

These are unpainted 25/28mm Wargames Foundry figures from their Aztec range.

14 x 24 man units of novice Aztec warriors in assorted poses from the Novice Aztec Warriors packs 1'to 3. Shields and weapons are included.

Units of 24 are $36.00 USD but if you buy 3 units or more, I'll go $30 USD per unit.
Buyer pays shipping.
Thanks pm me if you interested.

Bowman21 Jun 2012 5:31 a.m. PST

PM sent, Randy.

Uesugi Kenshin Supporting Member of TMP21 Jun 2012 12:38 p.m. PST

Oustpost are great.

Adagio21 Jun 2012 1:25 p.m. PST

If you'e interested in saving yourself some money (well, a ton actually) you might want to consider what's available in 1/72 scale plastics--


Specifically this Maya set from Caesar-




And the soon to be released Caesar Aztecs-


You can also get the old Revel Aztec via the reissue from Mars.

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