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Personal logo Dan Cyr Supporting Member of TMP01 Feb 2011 1:11 p.m. PST

I'm hoping I can get some other moderators to join this thread. I'm going to list the few Yahoo wargame groups I moderate, give an brief explanation as to their purpose and a link so anyone interested can visit these groups. I'd ask other moderators to do the same and list their groups. Perhaps we can end up with an expanded article useful to a number of gamers.


Repiqueone01 Feb 2011 1:18 p.m. PST

Sure,Dan. See: link

The Repique Rules forum is dedicated to information on Repique's rule book publications. At the moment that includes Die Fighting! (Warfare 1700-1900) and Zouave (Warfare of transition 1861-1871-FPW/ACW/APW/Max) It presently has 218 members.

Personal logo Dan Cyr Supporting Member of TMP01 Feb 2011 1:26 p.m. PST


Group interested in 1/6000 naval miniatures (pre-dreadnought to modern) and rules for them, as well as a number of sculptors who'd like to add additional ships to the available ships on the market.



Group interested in gaming sailing ships, mostly 1700-1850 and including pirate wargaming.



"Brothers Against Brothers" rules and the community interested in using them not only for the ACW, but the F&I War, AWI, WWI, etc. The author is part of the group and discussions.



Group interested in the "Father Tilly" rules for the TYW. Rules include the original "free" rule set and other period sets published by Stephen Danes. The author is part of the group and discussions.



Covers all the variations of the rules: Basic (free), commercially sold version and add-ons, as well as fantasy and 18th century. The author is part of the group and discussions.



Group interested in the "Lace Wars" rules for the 1660s-1720s period. This group covers all the various sets of rules that Stephen Danes has published for this period. The author is part of the group and discussions.



boggler01 Feb 2011 2:06 p.m. PST

Lost World Safari


Dinosaur hunting in various genre and with any rules that you care to mention or invent for yourselves (although Saurian Safari is a a favourite).


brevior est vita Inactive Member01 Feb 2011 2:45 p.m. PST



Fan-based discussion group for the ancient-medieval miniatures rule set Hail Caesar, scheduled for release in early 2011. The author is a participating member of the group.


Terrement Supporting Member of TMP01 Feb 2011 3:13 p.m. PST


Why just the moderators? I am not the moderator of several of the active, well maintained ones that I find useful. Not all Yahoo moderators are on TMP and not all of them are wargamers either.

For example, there are Model RR structure and scenery related sites that are useful for those who build, paint, weather, modify buildings or create / repair scenery.

There is the MYTHIC RPG site which although designed for the role play aspect of it has found a number of wargamers using the Mythic GME (game master emulator) as anything from an add-on to provide depth to scenarios, to running the AI, to generating scenarios, plots and events. I know at least two of the members there are hard core TMP'ers but the information is useful from every scale from nation vs nation to man vs. man level gaming.

There are others as well and I'd hate to see them not included as they are worthwhile sites and gamers may not be aware of them.

Also, while you are compiling this list, do you also want inputs from those folks who have wargaming related blogs?


Personal logo Dan Cyr Supporting Member of TMP01 Feb 2011 3:44 p.m. PST

I can only speak as a moderator, Terrement, hence the comment about moderators (smile). Anyone can contribute, of course.

I'd suggest a separate thread just for blogs, of which I'd be an eager reader.


Olaf the hairy01 Feb 2011 4:17 p.m. PST

Alien Squad Leader. 15mm sci fi battles. The other moderator is the author of the rules. 400+ members, lots of pictures to give you ideas for armies.


Personal logo Dale Hurtt Supporting Member of TMP01 Feb 2011 4:23 p.m. PST

SVHG – Sierra Vista Historical Gamers. Club forum for Cochise County. Arizona, USA.

soloDBADevelopment (this is a UK games forum) – Solo DBA Development. Developing rules for solo gaming of DBA.


Timbo W01 Feb 2011 5:16 p.m. PST

As Dan's widened it out to non-mods-

Forlornhope – English Civil War, rules, discussion etc link (slow/stopped at the mo)

WECW – Warhammer English Civil War, rules, discussion etc

Personal logo Dan Cyr Supporting Member of TMP01 Feb 2011 7:17 p.m. PST

We get enough listed here, perhaps Bill might collect them and put them up on the TMP site somewhere.


Personal logo Nashville Supporting Member of TMP01 Feb 2011 10:27 p.m. PST


Crimean war war-games group…some 500members

"Not to reason why"………..

Terrement Supporting Member of TMP02 Feb 2011 7:22 a.m. PST


Thanks, I'll compile the one's I recommend out of all of the ones I am in although several won't make the cut for a variety of reasons.

Blogs as a separate list is a good idea.

I hope that Bill does decide to set aside a place for the links.



Terrement Supporting Member of TMP02 Feb 2011 1:11 p.m. PST

Here ya go – I don't think I'm repeating any that have been posted. We have a few of these that are run by TMP'ers.

I have no connection to any of the commercial sites other than a user of their product, and I'm providing them because I'm a member of that group and think there would be interest in the material by TMP members.

Ambush Alley 888 members
Description: This group is devoted to Ambush Alley, a miniatures game focused on modern urban combat.
We also maintain a web forum at
Be sure to check out our homepage:

Buildingsandstructures 2662 members
Description: Railroad buildings and structures is a great place for the Railroad Modelers to build buildings and structures found along the Railroad, also a great place to pass on ideas, knowledge and to trade or share plans with other modelers of all scales.

CombatZone 281 members
Description: This list is devoted to discussion of the Near-Future skirmish rules, COMBAT ZONE. Rules discussion, scenarios, and figure/scenery discussion are all welcome.

Deadwalkagain 428 members
Description: Welcome to the world of the living dead, a fictional future where the human kind is on the verge of extinction.
Dead walk Again is a simple skirmish action miniatures game where a few characters are placed against hordes of zombies. The game can be played in any way you like, from a stealth game where characters try to sneak around, to mega large shootouts between soldiers and hordes of zombies. It's only your imagination that sets the boundary and if the rules don't fit your vision, change them! This group is for discussing the rules, sharing ideas and post battle reports or photos if you wish.

GeezersShutit 172 members
Description: The 1970's – forget Star Wars and disco, "Geezers! Shut it!" is a set of rules that is your ticket back in time. Back to those halcyon days when men were men and a pint cost 18p. It is the time of kipper ties, where Police equipment includes pick-axe handles, revolvers and bacon sarnies, it is the time of "GEEZERS! SHUT IT !!" – a set of 28mm skirmish rules for Cops and Robbers on the streets of 1970's Britain.

Gekokujo 508 members
Description: A mailing list dedicated to miniatures wargaming the wars of the Orient (ancient/feudal Japan/china, etc) up to the 17 C. Topics include rules systems (such as Killer Katanas, Katana, Road to Osaka, etc.), military dress/uniforms, battles/scenarios, as well as general discussion on the period. If you are interested in wargaming the battles of this era/culture then this is the list for you.

LOTOldWest 1203 members
Description: This is an open group to discuss the 'Legends of the Old West' game by Warhammer Historical. There is some GW contribution on this group, as well as occasional visits by the author of the book, Mark Latham, to answer any difficult questions! Be sure to check out previous threads, and mosey on down to the files section to see a whole host of house rules and photos. Of particular use, especially to new players, is the 'Ultimate Old West Resource List'. This Word file contains a list of every miniatures manufacturer we could think of, along with hobby reference sites and scenery guides.

martianempires – 519 members
Description: Play test group for the Martian Empires Victorian SF Rules from Blackhat Miniatures and the associated Martian Empires range of 18mm Victorian SF wargames figures.

MatrixGame2 171 members
Description: Matrix Games allow players to game murder mysteries, spy intrigues, horror encounters, fantasy quests, sci fi action, hardboiled detectives, military campaigns, political dramas, world creation, and much more. Each turn you say what you want to have happen next. A referee tells you what to roll and bingo! You have a story. We do PBEMs as well as discuss new rules and products. Engle Matrix Games were invented by Chris Engle in 1988 and are presently used by the British and Australian Armies for military planning. Chris uses them in psychotherapy and for education. Teachers have used them to teach creative writing and history. So not only are these games fun to play but they are even serious! Link to Hamster Press

Model_Railroad_Structures – 275 members
Description: This group is to share info for one of the most over looked parts of model railroading, the structures. This group will focus on shareing photos, dimensions, and building techiniques for all scales. trackside industrys, houses, depots, and any other building you may need for your model railroad. This group used to be for HO scale only but because the concept for buildings and some techniques are very generic throughout the scales any modelrailroad can join regardless of scale.

Mythic_Role_Playing 712 members
Description: Welcome to my, your, our fan club. Primarily we discuss and share information about "Mythic Role Playing" and "World vs. Hero". Sharing and discussion about "Mythic" combined with other role-playing games and World Mill Publishing products is encouraged as well. Tom Pigeon created this fantastic system. "Mythic" products include:
>> Mythic Role Playing (2003)
>> Mythic Game Master Emulator (2006)
>> Mythic Role Playing Revised (2006)
>> Mythic Variations (2007)
Other Word Mill Publishing Products:
>> The Creature Crafter (2009)
>> World vs. Hero (by John Fiore, 2010)
Find more information about "Mythic Role Playing" and other Word Mill Publishing products at:

Oscalekings 625 members

Description: Oscalekings is a group dedicated to the promotion of O scale 2-rail model railroading. We are an extension of the O Scale Kings organization. ( This group is an open forum for all members, prospective members as well as those who are just curious to basically find out what O scale is really about. Our mission is to have fun, promote the hobby, to direct you to individuals, groups, literature and manufactures of O scale trains as well as informing you of upcoming train shows, conventions, OSK meetings and events. We model in the 1/4 inch to the foot scale or 1/48.
perfect_captain 2054 members
Description: A place to discuss and compare notes on historical wargames by The Perfect Captain! Also an opportunity to give us suggestions on what kinds of supplements or even new games you'd like to see. Any variants or rules changes can be discussed and clarified, and new scenarios posted. We will also keep you up to date on whats in the pipeline for new products! Those new to this group should take a look at our FAQ in our Files section, and have a gander at our main site, where all of our games can be downloaded for free.

PigWarriors 523 members
Description: Pig Warriors is a list where miniatures gamers who play Tod Kershner's Pig Wars rules can share house rules and scenarios and interact on all other aspects related to the game like figure reviews, painting tips, and terrain creation.

PirateWargames – 487 members
Description: This group is dedicated to the friendly discussion of wargaming Piracy, privateering, buccaneering, filibustering, lettres of marque and reprisal, etc. "Historical", Hollywood, Fantasy piracy are all welcome. Any and all rules, figures, ships, terrain, etc. will gladly be discussed.

Prideoflionsrules 84 members
Description: PRIDE OF LIONS is a set of rules for fighting mass combat army level battles with miniatures. It is the designers belief that the best games result from a combination of simple rules mechanics and the opportunity for the players to make many decisions. In PRIDE OF LIONS the role of each player is that of the commanding general of the army or warlord of the horde. Magic, and the courage and skills of individual heroes, can affect the game, but the outcome of the battle will depend mainly on the clash of large units of common fighters operating under the generals orders. Maintaining a coherent battle line, (or, better, TWO battle lines, as reserves are very useful) is not obligatory but is amply rewarded by the rules.

Pulpalley – 43 members
Description: PULP ALLEY captures the thrill-packed excitement of the pulp genre, from the classic cliffhangers and pulp magazines of Doc Savage and The Shadow, to more modern adaptations like Rocketeer, Indiana Jones, and Sky Captain. Players may create, customize, and play their very own PULP ALLEY heroes and villains, and an array of brave sidekicks, trusted allies, and loyal followers.

SAGA_Warfare 315 members

Description: This is list in support of the various SAGA Warfare rules systems, from Ancient and Medieval Warfare to World War One Warfare…and everything in between. History, tactics, scenarios and rules discussions are all topics that will be valued and looked for. One thing we do demand is courtesy and civility. Welcome aboard! As backgreound, the first rulebook was Medieval Warfare (MW), which covers 450 to 1500 CE. It is now being published by The (Wargames) Foundry in the UK. This company will eventually publish Ancient Warfare (AW), which covers 3000 BCE to 450 CE, as well as the army lists for MW and AW. Currently there is no forecasted release date for these publications so please contact Saga Publishing for the army lists and AW rulebooks. Saga also has Renaissance Warfare (RenWar or RW), which covers 1500 to 1690, Lace Warfare (LW – 1690 to 1783), Napoleonic Warfare (NapWar or NW – 1789 to 1815), & Victorian Warfare (VicWar – 1854 to 1901).

SCENERY 2340 members
Description: This list is for those interested in the construction of Scale Scenery for Models such as Model Railroads, Dioramas, etc. This list covers Anything scenery related including the construction of buildings and structures, casting of Hydrocal, and molds of rock etc.
THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL LIST, and while anyone is welcome, I will not allow it to become a means for Hobby shops to advertise. Personal postings to sell something is fine. Although primarily Model Railroad, anyone who builds scenery is welcome!

Description: The purpose of this list is to discuss different methods and types of scenery and structures model railroaders use, in building and perfecting their layout(s). This would include structures, roads, track, paints, weathering, hills, mountains, grass, trees etc

soloDBAdevelopment 262 members
Description: We intend to develop a method of playing the De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) fast-play ancient wargames rules solo. Although other people have attempted this, notably John Meunier with his "Random Terrain Placement" Chad La Mons with "De Bellis Solitarius", we hope to create a more detailed solo play system that fully conforms to the latest version of DBA (currently v2.2).

SoloWarGame 1495 members
Description: For the discussion of and exchange of ideas on solo wargames of any description. For the support of full and part time solo wargamers. Any form of wargame is welcome, miniatures, board, computer, role play etc.

Talkingwargames – 221 members
Description: A list for the discussion of history based wargames with miniatures. The list is not intended for fantasy, warhammer or science fiction discussion only because there are plenty of lists for them. The periods and areas of discussion by the users is free and open however it is requested they stick to historically based minatures gaming, scenery making, campaign and game design etc. to prevent the subjects ranging totally out of control. New gamers seeking information and research help on any aspect of the hobby are most welcome. Veterans able to lend their experience to assist others are equally welcome and encouraged to participate. Mal.Wright. List Moderator.

Terrainmakers 2531 members
Description: This is a list about making terrain and scenery for tabletop wargames from styrofoam, cardboard and all kinds of cheap materials.

TheRulesWithNoName 292 members
Description: This group is about western miniature wargaming and especially The Rules With No Name (TRWNN or RWNN) the greatest Wild West skirmish miniature wargame. This group is a place (in the Old West) where you can discuss rules, exchange scenarios, talk about terrain…basically anything related to the Old West or the Pony Wars fought there.

Twohourwargames 4466 members
NUTS! – Europe 1944
All Things Zombie – Better Dead Than Zed
Larger Than Life – Pulps
Colonial Adventures
Warrior Heroes – Armies and Adventures
Six Gun Sound
This site supports all Two Hour Wargames products. Great place to be to join in the discussions or just hang out. Lots of good people here with lots of gaming experience. New to the group and Two Hour Wargames? Then keep reading as you may find it helpful.

whitewash_city 319 members
Description: Whitewash City paper/card-stock PDF (Adobe Acrobat) models are based on the real historical old west. The quality is fabulous regardless of your printer, and you can print and build as many models as you need. All model files include color, black line, and printing-optimized grayscale print options. Plus, the floor plans are great for action occurring in the buildings. If you're looking for professional quality western paper/card-stock models, then Whitewash City is for you! Whitewash City models are designed for model displays, tabletop games such as Gutshot, The Rules With No Name, Boot Hill, Fistful of Lead, RPG games such as Deadlands, Shady Gulch, time traveling, or miniatures games!

Zombiegaming 197 members
Description: This group is dedicated to any kind of zombie gaming. Whether it be miniature gaming with All Thingz Zombie, role playing with All Flesh Must Be Eaten or boardgaming with Zombies!!! or Mall of Horror. We are open to any gaming system, whether commercial or home brewed. Feel free to post pics of games in progress as well as battle reports, scenarios, your own rulesets and ideas for game mechanics. Whatever you play, bring plenty of ammo and fresh brains!!!

Kaoschallenged Inactive Member03 Feb 2011 11:50 a.m. PST

1-600thMiniatureAircraftWargaming 1/600th miniature aircraft and rules

This group is for people who enjoy wargaming with the Tumbling Dice/Vapor Trails,Oddzial Osmy, Skytrex,JTF600,Raiden,Bend Sinister and other lines of 1/600-3mm miniatures. Aircraft along with 1/600-3mm scale Ships,Figures, Tanks, Trucks and Guns and other vehicles. Please feel free to post any information including rulesets,scenarios, ideas and suppliers for this great scale of aircraft,ships and vehicles. I have just started using these wonderful aircraft. And I would love to hear other players views and ideas. Whether it's WWI,WWII,Korea,Vietnam or the modern era .


1-4800thNavalWargaming 1/4800th Naval Wargaming

This Group is for those of us who like to use 1/4800 scale Naval miniatures for wargaming all eras. Please feel free to post rules,pictures of ships and any other info to help play battles with this great scale!



11th ACR07 Feb 2011 3:10 p.m. PST

Central California Wargamers

This site is for the use and benefit of Wargamers in the Central California area. South of SF and North of LA. But anyone is welcome to join.

It is for us to compare our hobby and plan for the future. Feel free to post rules and photos of games. Talk about Conventions coming up, or just a game you are running next weekend.

The site is primarily for Historical Gaming. So lets try to keep posting, links etc. to Historical gaming. Try to keep Sci-fi and Fantasy gaming on the other sites.


Personal logo Dale Hurtt Supporting Member of TMP08 Feb 2011 7:39 p.m. PST

I just added a new one: link

This is to discuss the rules from Real Time Wargaming: link


Sorry - only verified members can post on the forums.