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Gunfreak Supporting Member of TMP11 Jul 2009 12:06 p.m. PST

Ok, this is a small test.
It pits two brigades against eachother. Both with a single company in suport.

I was suprised how hard fauht it was.
I was half expecting the Britsh to just bulldose over the american milita, but those cannon realy made it a hard figh.

The battlefield at round one, just a small part, normal medow around 800 yards long,

At the end you have 3 small "battlions" of milita behind a fence commanded my Brigadeir Eaton
They have also a small battery of two 6pdr guns.

In the woods they americans have a company of light infantry for Delaware

The Britsh side consist of A battalion of 71st and the Von Bose battalion, in back up they have a company of guard grenadiers

Round 1
The American win the initiative roll, but have no need to move, the Britsh move 200 yards ahead, while keeping the guard granadiers in reserve(I honestly didn't think they were needed)
The Britsh move into artillery range.
There is a second american battery of to the left flank, it misses, but the closer battery among the infantry hits.

The Von Bose takes the first of 4 possible points.

Round 2.
British move closer. the guns fire and gives the 71st it's first point

Round 3
They britsh now move within regular musket range.
I'm looking forward to letting the british let loose their muskets, sadly the, americans win the initiative roll for fireing. And to my suprise the milita gives heavy fire. Enought to give the von bose a seond point, they now have two point out of 4, this means they have reach half the max.
And have to retreat 100 yards straight back.
The fire opens up along the whole american line, the second milita battlions has little effect. but the battery lets loose canister and hits the 71st doing much damige and they to get to 2 points and have to retreat.

To ad insault to indury the second battery gets in a hit on the 71st at they move back now having a total of 3 out of 4 points, one more hit and they are out of the battle.

Round 4
This will be thougher then I thought, so I send in the gernadiers.

I move Brigader Leslie into contact with von bose to take of some points, sadly it can not take away all points, that is to say I fours point unit can never get back to 4 points, only 3.
Getting the points removed
Both battalions move at the enemy again(I forgot to take of the points on 71st, they will still flee if getting another point.

They move up close, this time the britsh win the fire initiative
Von bose give a good volley and sends the franklin milita back 100 yards

The 71st gives of a fantastic volley, infact it totaly desimate the milita, the milita is only a 2 point unit, and both those points fill up with this volley and the shaky milita disperse and the ones not wounded go home, not wanting more of this war.

But the joy is short lived, the americans now open fire, the first one is the battery with canister,(rember 71st will disperse if if getting one more point) and lo and behold it gets it from the canister, the highlanders shame Scotland and flee like Irishmen(no offence)
This is a little unhistoric, but they have been hit with sevral blast of canister from sevral guns, also hit with cannon balls, and volleys, so this represnt probebly 40 minutes of combaat, And I forgot to take the points of, this would be the same as having a unit in combat lossing cohechan and officers not having time to reforme properly, so when they get those last blast of canister they are in real disorder, and it is the finnal drop

Round 5.
The americans move thier light infantry out of the woods.

They had also moved back the milita unit, thing it will get some protection from the fences

Not so, the Von bose gives of a volley and the milita goes home

Becasue of the angels, the american cat get a shot.

Round 5
The last american milia battalion, moves back, but the von bose follows
They move within 1cm of the battery, and automaticly capture and/or chase of the crew, the battery is taken of the field
Both battlions fire at eachthoer but suprsingly only a few men on each side gets hit.
With minimal effects

The grenadiers have taken aim at the second battery,
They get shot at by the light infantry, but they pay no attention to them.
Canister from the battery has more effect, and the grenadiers get thier first point, but this is the best of the best, need 5 before giving up.

Round 6
The britsh in the movment initiative, and move with in 50 yards of the milita, they also with the fire initiative, gives of a close range volley that sends the milita to the wind

On the left flank the grandiers come into contact with the battery and capture it

Suddenly the light company finds it it self alone on the field, they feel that it's better to run to fight another day, a single light company can't stand up to a genadier company and a full battalion. but they do give good by presant at the grenadiers and kills a few of them before they run to find they main army of Green, and tell him of the losses.

The test went ok,
I was afraid I had made the britsh to über, but as it turned out, if you don't take care of your units they will go away.
That a whole britsh unit actualy left the battle is a bit unhistoric, but it is a game, if you can't loose units you can't loose the game, and then there is no point of having a game.
IF I had payed atention and actualy removed the points from the 71st they probebly would have come out of it.
But it would still have been a slight victory for the americans, the point of the rules are to simulate Guilford court house, so this would only have been the first of 3 lines the british would have to get though, and this was the weakest units the americans have, the battles would only become harder as you get closer to the third line with continentals.
And all 3 Britsh unit lost the maximum points they cam have they can not get back that maximum, so they would have been weakend, and still have 2 lines to fight.

You can only remove up to 3 points, so a 3 or 2 point unit can remove all points, but once a 4 or 5 point unit gets points the more or less become a 3 point unit.

So while the americans lost units, the seriously weakend the britsh which might mean they would win a larger battle

Frederick Supporting Member of TMP11 Jul 2009 12:33 p.m. PST

Interesting game – sounds like the rules are working reasonably well

Wg Cdr Luddite Inactive Member11 Jul 2009 5:26 p.m. PST

Were you playing with yourself Truls?

Gunfreak Supporting Member of TMP12 Jul 2009 4:20 a.m. PST

My apartment

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