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"Are there any Flames of War army lists available online?" Topic

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Texas Grognard Inactive Member10 Oct 2008 4:16 p.m. PST

I've just bought the core rulebook and need some army lists to do some games before I get an Intelligence Handbook (IH). Also most of the IH's cover Late War Are their any Early and Mid War lists online. Once again many thanks for any and all input. Salut y'all!

Bruce the Texas Grognard

kyoteblue Inactive Member10 Oct 2008 4:51 p.m. PST


Chocolate Fezian Inactive Member10 Oct 2008 5:31 p.m. PST

Try this link

aecurtis Fezian Inactive Member10 Oct 2008 7:09 p.m. PST

I don't understand. I have always observed that the general practice in wargaming is that army lists are the published critters that you build your rosters from, and rosters are your own personal choices for your…. oh, hell, "army", based on the army lists.

Now I do realize that Flames of War goes off on their own tangent, and that the Forum has a board for "Army Lists", which are actually rosters.

So if you mean army lists as I know them, just go to the Briefings page on the Flames of War Web site, and you will find both official and unofficial "Intelligence briefings (army lists) for both Late War (tm) and Mid War (tm). I was under the impression that you had already found your way their for the Poles. I may be thinking of someone else.

For unofficial works-in-progress for Early War (tm), go to the Early War Development board on the forum, and you'll be pointed to where various versions are parked online.

The fighting chef's link is to Excel spreadsheets which are useful substitutes for Intelligence Briefings, if you like that format. And Army Builder files for FoW will do much the same thing, if you like Army Builder.

If you mean rosters as I mean rosters, then as kyoteblue says, the (sigh) "Army Lists" board on the forum has examples of what people have come up with for their forces, usually provided for review and comment. The dynamics there are questionable: all too often a roster is posted and the constructive criticism consists of "get rid of all that stuff and use what I use instead".

But there's really no substitute for getting a supplement and working out your own force. AB files frequently have errors; I don't trust the Excel files for the same reason. And they don't contain all the information that comes in a supplement. And using what some other guy has come up with puts you at risk of being limited by his wisdom and knowledge of the game. As mentioned above, such opinions (and you *do* know what they say about opinions) diverge so widely as to be… less than useful, I suppose, would be a neutral way of saying it

In any case, as a wise man once said, this isn't rocket surgery.


kyoteblue Inactive Member10 Oct 2008 7:18 p.m. PST


aecurtis Fezian Inactive Member10 Oct 2008 7:46 p.m. PST

Almost everyone uses less words than I do…


Texas Grognard Inactive Member10 Oct 2008 11:32 p.m. PST

Thanks for all the input y'all!
Hey Allen, I will be playing the Poles. I just need more army lists for opponents. So far I've only enlisted a few other people into playing FOW. I am in a Warhammer Fantasy and 40K dominated club. While I have lured some into historical gaming with A&A War at Sea, I am loathe to use the A&A Land rules as they are hopelessly broken. I figured that if I provided an established rulesystem with some ready made army lists I would get them playing ASAP. By the way I have a rather extensive Microarmor collection and will be using it to game with until my opponents and I can field decent 1500 point 15mm forces.

Thanks and Salut y'all!

Bruce the Texas Grognard

aecurtis Fezian Inactive Member10 Oct 2008 11:39 p.m. PST

Nothing wrong with using microarmor. It makes the variable-scale aspect of FoW look better on the table.

And I apologize: I didn't understand your intent. Providing miniature forces and set lists/rosters/whatever is a good way to get new gamers started.

Good for you!


GeoffQRF Inactive Member11 Oct 2008 12:00 a.m. PST

"Providing miniature forces and set lists/rosters/whatever is a good way to get new gamers started."

That's not what everyone said when that chap put out the Japanese Intelligence book, or the follow-up Chinese book…



aecurtis Fezian Inactive Member11 Oct 2008 1:05 a.m. PST

Not the same thing, Geoff.

Chocolate Fezian Inactive Member11 Oct 2008 2:28 a.m. PST

I got the link to the FoW army builder files from here at TMP about a year ago.
AB files are not intended to replace briefing books they are designed to complement them.
They provide lists, or rosters if you prefer, set out in a clear, standardized format and allow player to quickly run though a large number of troop combinations quickly and easily.
All of the game specific forums I visit contain links to AB files, so rules publishers and manufacturers are aware of them, some are officially sanctioned.
It would appear that publishers/manufacturers don't have an issue with AB files so why should you?
Although I've had that link for sometime I've never used it, as my maths are good enough for army list calculations and I have all the relevant books, and I'm sure that if Tex and his friends decide to continue to play FoW they too will buy the relevant Briefings.

Grizwald Inactive Member11 Oct 2008 6:28 a.m. PST

"Hey Allen, I will be playing the Poles. I just need more army lists for opponents."

So you need lists for Germans then? See what Allen said. Everyone fights the Germans, except the Japanese and the Italians …

Griefbringer11 Oct 2008 8:13 a.m. PST

Everyone fights the Germans, except the Japanese and the Italians

I don't know about the Flames of War hobby, but in real world the Italians started fighting the Germans in autumn 1943.


recon35 Inactive Member11 Oct 2008 2:33 p.m. PST

The Italians do in FOW as well, but they look alot like either the US or Brits, as that is who equipped them.

Texas Grognard Inactive Member11 Oct 2008 10:48 p.m. PST

No problem Allen! I can understand your confusion as I didn't explain my intent more thouroughly.

"Everyone fights the Germans, except the Japanese and the Italians."

Not according to Steven Spielburg "1941"

Captain Wolfgang von Kleinschmidt: The Fuehrer was right! There is no place in the Third Reich for you yellow swine!
Colonel Akiro Mitamura: You can take your "Third Reich" and shove it up your @$$! evil grin

Salut y'all!

Bruce the Texas Grognard

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