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Workbench is where the Editor does his best to assemble, paint, and prepare some of the products sent to us here at The Miniatures Page.

He may be more of a perfectionist than you are - or he may be less of one! He's not trying to prescribe the One Right Way. He's just trying to describe how one guy happens to do it.

If you would like to write a Workbench article, or if you are a manufacturer and would like your products featured in Workbench, please view the FAQ.

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Straightening StuGs

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian discovers that painters aren't mind-readers. [18 Dec 2019]


Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian makes corrections when some models don't turn out the way he expected! [8 Aug 2019]
Painting Puppetswar's Stalingrad fountain. [8 Aug 2016]
Patrice Vittesse Fezian paints a machinegun emplacement, and realizes he needs more... [31 May 2015]
Warcolours Painting Studio Fezian of Warcolours returns to North Africa to paint a British Motor Company. [24 May 2015]
Warcolours Painting Studio Fezian of Warcolours shows he can do more than just Brits in the desert... [30 May 2012]
Does anyone else have trouble with the color green on microscale vehicles? [12 Sep 2010]
When evolved Newts happen upon a WWII comic... [16 May 2010]
Now that the 20mm Finns are painted, how to base them? [22 Jun 2009]
Artmaster Studio shows how to paint Finnish soldiers in 20mm. [26 May 2009]
Experimenting with an idea for storing 15mm figures and vehicles... [16 Apr 2009]
Minidragon Fezian been building and painting his own army for Flames of War for a while now. [15 Mar 2009]
When Patrice Vittesse Fezian first saw these figures, he was dreading painting them... [11 Mar 2009]
miscmini Fezian assembles and paints Gaso.line's 1/48 scale Mk.II Flammpanzer. [8 Mar 2009]
The campaign in North Africa is one of combatpainter Fezian's favorite historical WWII theaters to game and model. [2 Mar 2009]
miscmini Fezian likes the look of the Soviet KV-1 tank, and plunges into a project to paint three of them - plus a spare KV-2 turret! [8 Jan 2009]
Warcolours Painting Studio Fezian takes on quite a substantial project. [1 Jan 2009]
Patrice Vittesse Fezian is excited to paint something new. [1 Oct 2008]
Beowulf Fezian shows an easy and quick technique for British tanks in North Africa. [16 Jul 2008]
The Editor returns to paper modeling after a long absence. [1 Jul 2008]
Master Fighter combines a diecast T34/76 with pre-painted tank riders and accessories. [13 Mar 2008]
Monkeylover Fezian covers the basics for this WWII theater of war. [5 Feb 2008]
Beowulf Fezian proves that you don't need to be a master painter or invest hundreds of hours working to get good results. [13 Dec 2007]
Warcolours Miniature Painting Studio paints the Fiat Torpedoe Militaire, an Italian utility vehicle during WWII. [23 Sep 2007]
Can the techniques used for painting giant sci-fi robots be applied to 15mm scale Russian tanks? [27 Aug 2007]
When you have several hundred Marines that need painting, who do you call? [21 Aug 2007]
We may be sending these WWII Russian figures off to Vancouver for painting, but they'll eventually reach Thailand - because that's where DJD Miniatures conducts operations... [20 Aug 2007]
Can any of these products cure the dreaded "wedding cake" effect? [15 Aug 2007]
The Editor dabbles with online printing. [4 Jul 2007]
Pete is back - this time, with early-war WWII Germans LMG teams. [30 Apr 2007]
combatpainter Fezian explains a simple, quick, and effective way to base troops for Flames of War. [29 Apr 2007]
combatpainter Fezian has been watching some documentaries lately set in the Western Desert, and was inspired to create this... [29 Mar 2007]
While painting Minifigs' N-scale WWII Russians, Rodrick Campbell Fezian of Highlander Studios introduces us to his method for smaller scale figures. [1 Mar 2007]
When combatpainter Fezian criticized a recent Workbench entry, I challenged him to show that he could do better... grin [28 Feb 2007]
Dave Bennett of Lone Star Historical Miniatures paints up some WWII Soviet armored cars for TMP - and demonstrated how to use chalk for weathering. [5 Sep 2006]
Neil Burt of Troop of Shewe tackles the Soviet T-28 in 28mm scale from Force of Arms. [10 Feb 2006]
You've got a scenario map, and you need to create some hills. Is there some way to just print out the map in very large scale, so you can trace the outline of the hills you need to build? The Editor finds out... [28 Sep 2005]
Miniatures of Chesapeake volunteers to paint up a set of 15mm scale German armor (from Battlefront) for our Barbarossa campaign. [11 Jan 2004]
Dave Woodward of Ever Victorious Miniatures paints Battle Honours' early-war Soviet command set. [19 Aug 2003]
Friar Barb's Painting Monastery - an historical painting service - takes on a set of WWII Russian "character" figures in 28mm scale. [5 Jul 2002]
George Barnard of Warpaint assembles, paints and bases Force of Arms' 45mm Soviet anti-tank gun - the standard AT gun of Soviet forces in the first part of WWII. [5 Jul 2002]
Three sizes of battlefield craters from Tactical Conflict Systems [10 Mar 2000]
A set of ruined brick walls in "15-20mm" scale from Tactical Conflict Systems. [9 Mar 2000]
Reader Brent R. Anderson reveals his techniques for constructing 15mm scale buildings using Sculpey. [7 Mar 2000]