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5 - Transitioning to a New Artist

Orc Slayers
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15 November 2004page first published

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Sadly, Deane P. Goodwin of Goodwin's Painting Service has been unable to complete this project for TMP, due to computer problems and some health issues. We wish him the best, and hope for a full and complete recovery.

Meanwhile, Philip of PhilGreg Painters has volunteered to take on this part of the project, and a fresh set of new figures is now airmailing its way to Sri Lanka. (The pictures on this page are samples of their work.)

15mm knights, as painted by PhilGreg Painters (Collector Quality)

Philip asked for some painting guidance, which gave me the opportunity to rethink what the Orc Slayers should look like. As you may remember, the background is that this unit is composed of the final few survivors of a Dwarf clan decimated by the Orcs. Their mission in life is to kill Orcs, usually in a "berserker" manner - with big axes, that is, and not much armor...

Unlike these 15mm dismounted knights, as painted by PhilGreg Painters (Collector Quality)

Last time, Deane and I went with a mostly Celtic look. This time, I've decided to try something more dark and brooding:

Dark tan/brown. War paint in white and yellow.
Dark, somber colors (mostly blacks and browns)
Red (they color their hair a fiery red - this is what should be unique about this unit)
More 15mm figures, as painted by PhilGreg Painters (Collector Quality)

The unit's banner is described in the background as depicting a beer mug smashing an orc's head. I'll let Philip go with that general description (there's an illustration in the Dwarf book, but I'm not fond of it - I think Philip will do better on his own).