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Workbench is where the Editor does his best to assemble, paint, and prepare some of the products sent to us here at The Miniatures Page.

He may be more of a perfectionist than you are - or he may be less of one! He's not trying to prescribe the One Right Way. He's just trying to describe how one guy happens to do it.

If you would like to write a Workbench article, or if you are a manufacturer and would like your products featured in Workbench, please view the FAQ.

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3Dprinted Tiles

unknown member experiments with 3Dprinting tiles. [16 Aug 2016]


unknown member wonders why create different 3D models, if you can create one that can be customized? [19 Jul 2016]
unknown member takes another stab at building a more perfect flight stand. [12 Jun 2016]
unknown member finds a 3D model on the internet, and tries to turn it into a wargaming model. [29 May 2016]
unknown member weighs the pros and cons of using a power drill on the minis workbench. [24 Jan 2016]
unknown member learns to drill with a screwdriver. [17 Jan 2016]
unknown member experiments with Finger Drills. [10 Jan 2016]
unknown member shows one way to base 15mm figures on a stand. [5 Jul 2015]
Trying out the silver Sharpie... [13 Jun 2015]
Laconia Hobbies shows us how it is done. [30 Sep 2014]
unknown member shows how to build a structure from common materials. [9 Sep 2014]
unknown member returns from Mexico with a new vision for making palm trees from scratch. [25 Jun 2012]
One way to avoid the 'pitcher's mound' effect. [23 Feb 2012]
Painting a wargaming army is a completely different beast from painting a single miniature for display. [1 Nov 2010]
unknown member paints some fast cats. [14 Oct 2010]
A guide to how unknown member paints piebald and skewbald horses. [23 Sep 2010]
A simple way to make scenic bases. [13 Apr 2010]
Making terrain can be quick and inexpensive. [19 Oct 2009]
A guide to how unknown member paints grey horses - specifically, dapple greys. [9 Feb 2009]
How do you clean dried ink from your palette? [15 Oct 2008]
unknown member is after something that has presence, that actually looks like a small stand of tropical bushes, and is cheap, tough and portable. [16 Sep 2008]
Continuing our 'animals' theme, unknown member tackles a pair of lionesses. [19 Aug 2008]
unknown member shows us that you don't need money to have great bases. [22 May 2008]
Basing an inexpensive tree with a toy wheel and some clay. [11 Feb 2008]
Something new in the world of flock? [4 Feb 2008]
unknown member demonstrates how anyone can get in on sculpting for fun... [30 Jan 2008]
unknown member takes unknown member's advice. [21 Jan 2008]
unknown member finds out what happens when Elves go bad... [25 Dec 2007]
These are not the seasonal figures that you might give your mother to put on the shelf! [25 Dec 2007]
Will "embedding" improve the treebases? [24 Dec 2007]
Is DAS Clay sturdy enough to mold tree bases from? [18 Dec 2007]
unknown member's preferred method for stripping paint from resin and plastic models. [11 Dec 2007]
Can a plastic flower become a wargaming shrub? Or maybe a small tree? [10 Dec 2007]
Can any of these products cure the dreaded "wedding cake" effect? [15 Aug 2007]
The Editor experiments with two of the flocking gel products from Renaissance Ink. [29 Jul 2007]
The Editor dabbles with online printing. [4 Jul 2007]
Using pink stuff for basework. [27 Jun 2007]
When unknown member says "SketchUp," the Editor listens... [23 Feb 2007]
The Spacefarers are covered with some kind of lead disease! [19 Feb 2007]
Everyone has a pile of shame - miniatures that you were all hot to get, had big plans for, and then never did anything with... [20 Mar 2006]
unknown member shows how to make roads, using the formula of the late Ian Weekley. [25 Feb 2006]
Learning how to set up a new game system for use with Army Builder, the army design software from Lone Wolf. [20 Feb 2006]
The Editor learns about downloading, printing, and binding a ruleset. [23 Jan 2006]
You've got a scenario map, and you need to create some hills. Is there some way to just print out the map in very large scale, so you can trace the outline of the hills you need to build? The Editor finds out... [28 Sep 2005]
The basing technique which was taught to unknown member by Mr Rudd. [15 May 2005]
What's wrong with Americ-Ann, and can she be saved? [15 Apr 2005]
There is a lot of confusion about just what is lead rot, and what can be done about it. Therefore, we're launching a series of occasional articles to display "problem" miniatures, and ask for your diagnosis... [23 Nov 2004]
While driving across the country, the Editor was fortunate enough to be invited in by Steve Smith - and a wargaming tour was in order! [9 Nov 2004]
The Editor tries a new storage solution for his Ogre models. [8 Apr 2004]
Reader Kevin Crider shows how to make miniature bricks with inexpensive materials. [15 Dec 2002]
The Editor finds out what it takes to make fantasy campaign maps using Campaign Cartographer 2, a map-making software package. [28 Mar 2002]
Reader Mike Frang shares a method for keeping the paint jobs on your soft plastic figures. [27 Jul 2001]
Ever wanted a gaming tray to organize your armies before a game, or to store the "dead" pile? [25 Jul 2001]
A quick-and-easy project - painting up Armorcast's Starter Trench Set. [10 Mar 2000]
These structures, made of a light but durable urethane foam, have been sent to us by Epicast. [10 Mar 2000]
Tactical Conflict Systems lets the Editor paint rocks! [10 Mar 2000]
Three sizes of battlefield craters from Tactical Conflict Systems [10 Mar 2000]
The Editor paints up some 25mm Plank Earthworks. [9 Mar 2000]
This hut has a removeable roof! From Tactical Conflict Systems. [9 Mar 2000]
Another easy project - a bridge from Tactical Conflict Systems. [9 Mar 2000]
A set of ruined brick walls in "15-20mm" scale from Tactical Conflict Systems. [9 Mar 2000]
Speaking of "amazing," painting up these 25mm terrain pieces from TCS is amazingly easy. [9 Mar 2000]
A two-step painting process that puts stumps on your tabletop. [7 Mar 2000]
Reader Brent R. Anderson reveals his techniques for constructing 15mm scale buildings using Sculpey. [7 Mar 2000]