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Here is Entry #2 in the Scavengers Design Contest, sponsored by Scale Creep Miniatures - timlillig's asteroid hunting game:


Astrohunt is a game of big game hunting in a heavily populated asteroid belt around a distant star. The crews of asteroids (converted into ships for hunting various space creatures) are seeking resources and prestige. The prey have their own defenses, will often strike back, and may attack or even attempt to feed on the hunters.

Astrohunt is intended for solo play. Cards and a control matrix are used to determine the actions and reactions of the various animals being hunted, while the player controls the hunters in the asteroid-ships. The challenge of Astrohunt is to close with and capture or kill your target, with minimal damage to your ships and crew.

Apollo asteroid-ship

The primary ship used to haul and process the catch is a large Apollo control-and-tanker ship.

Hermes and Hera

The Hermes (left, above) is used to project decoy signals, and also handles long-range communications. The Hera (right, above) is equipped with a gravity-ray projector to contain and push large animals (as well as asteroids).

Artemis and Ares

The Artemis has a cannon which fires projectiles and can entrap prey with harpoons. The Ares is a shield projector used to contain or protect various objects.

Female slug

The first animals to be hunted are the Benjamin's Mollusk or "rock slug". These creatures are somewhat similar to shellfish or slugs. They have a hard shell, and many protrusions used to feed. The glowing green fluid covering their body is essential in the production of various ray projectors.

The genders "male" and "female" are not entirely correct, but are applied to the slugs to differentiate between two main types. The Female has several longer flagellums (protruding generally from one side) and smaller mandibles. The Male has fewer and shorter flagellum, but longer mandibles.

Male slug

All models are based on a washer, and stick or golf tee. The asteroids' main bodies are made from cardboard coated with sand. The bodies of the slugs are made from packaging bubbles from light bulbs, covered with small rocks. Various toothpicks, pins and beads are used on all of the models. The Apollo uses a piece of packaging from plastic wrap. The female slug uses the screw bottom from a light bulb.