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Deep Dream: Editor Gwen Goes Air Force

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Personal logo Bobgnar Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Looking forward to a turning her into a miniature.

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9 February 2023page first published

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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian writes:

In my last article, we looked at some of the basics of using artificial intelligence to filter a portrait. This time, we'll try to do more.

For example, let's say that you want a portrait of a favorite wargaming character. Can you take a photo and change it into something appropriate?

Editor Gwen

Personal logo Editor Gwen The Editor of TMP volunteered to help with today's article. Above is one of her favorite photos from a few years ago, original size. (Yes, it's another restaurant photo!)

Editor Gwen

Here is the photo at 60% filter strength. Gwen says that doesn't look like her.

Editor Gwen

Down to 40% strength. Gwen says it's much better.

So far, so good. But what if we try a big change? Let's change the text input to "Woman at the beach."

Editor Gwen

The problem we run into is the darned table. The AI doesn't know what to do with it. Above, it has turned the table into legs, but they don't fit Gwen's torso!

Photo blocked by adult filter:
"Editor Gwen"

Sometimes, you can solve the problem by trying a higher filter strength. Worked much better this time, but I count three legs!

As an aside, Deep Dream does not allow the use of naked or sexual images, and the AI supposedly will not generate such results. However, I asked it once for a "heavenly angel in heaven" and got a definitely not-safe-for-work result!
Editor Gwen

So we decided to switch to a different original, a more recent picture of Gwen (above). The blue shirt reminded me of a uniform, so we tried "US Air Force female officer at flight control center."

Editor Gwen

Above, at 10% filter strength.

Editor Gwen

20% strength.

Editor Gwen

30% strength.

Editor Gwen

40% strength.

Editor Gwen

60% strength.

Editor Gwen

70% strength.

Editor Gwen

80% strength.

Editor Gwen

90% strength. Messed up, hands that look like feet.

Editor Gwen

90% strength (re-try). Wrong again. The woman is a hat!

Editor Gwen

60% strength, switched to CyberSpace AI Model. Starship captain.

Editor Gwen

60% strength, back to PhotoReal AI Model. "Soviet air force" this time.

Editor Gwen

60% strength. Confused the AI with "WWII pilot."

Editor Gwen

60% strength. Confused the AI even more with "WWI biplane pilot."

Editor Gwen

60% strength. And finally, we tried "Queen of France, in the style of LeBrun" with the Artistic filter.

So I think we've established that you can use a photo as the base for a character concept. However, it seems that the artificial intelligence is not capable of generating accurate military portraits.