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Adam Paints Some Parroom Adventurers

Sean O'Rourke, Swordsman
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Marcel Giraud, Swordsman
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The Incomparable Debra of Tharsis
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IGWARG1 Supporting Member of TMP Fezian writes:

Very nice! I agree, scabbards are a bit off.

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2 May 2007page first published

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Adam of Pro Painted Miniatures writes:

This time, Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian's got me having a go at three of Parroom's Mars Adventurers models. These models gave me the perfect opportunity to experiment with Citadel's new Foundation paints. These new paints promise better coverage over any undercoat (hence, the name), but to me they open up lots of new avenues for colour mixes and washes, as well.

The first model is Sean O'Rourke, an Irish nutter.

Sean O'Rourke

Sean was undercoated black. His skin was basecoated with Bestial Brown, with a bit of Tallarn Flesh mixed in. Mixing Foundation paints with Citadel Colour paints (or other acrylics) is a good way of getting the solid basecoat and keeping the more vivid colour of the less pigment-heavy acrylics. For the highlights, I added increasing amounts of Tallarn Flesh to the mix, using in total about 6 layers of colour.

Sean's little skirt (snigger) is Mordian Blue, highlighted by adding small amounts of Astronomican Grey. (I love the names of these paints!) All areas of black were given two stages of thin-line highlight. The first is Adeptus Battlegrey; the second, Adeptus Battlegrey mixed with Astronomican Grey.

The sword and armour are simply Chainmail with a wash of watered-down black ink. The gold is Shining Gold with a wash of chestnut ink.

The last bits of detail are the white straps and belt. These are Astronomican Grey, highlighted with Skull White. The wrist straps are Calthan Brown, highlighted with Snakebite Leather.

Next comes Marcel Giraud, a French swordsman.

Marcel Giraud

You'll notice that one of Mr Giraud's swords appears rather stubby. This was probably because the model was miscast, but I went ahead and painted it anyway (hoping it looks like a dirk).

Marcel's skin is painted in the same way as Sean's, only the lighter colours are painted in larger areas to make it appear a bit paler. His hair is a basecoat of Dark Flesh, with Macharius Solar Orange added for the highlights.

The straps and scabbard are given a basecoat of Orchide Shade and Knarloc Green, mixed together. This is highlighted first with Knarloc Green, then Gretchin Green.

All the metal areas of this model are painted in the same way as Sean O'Rourke.

Lastly, there's The Incomparable Debra of Tharsis, a semi-naked lady.

The Incomparable Debra of Tharsis

Debra has darker skin than the pasty boys, so it gets a basecoat of Dark Flesh. This is highlighted with Bestial Brown, then finer highlights with mixed-in Tallarn Flesh. Her hair is Snakebite Leather, with Bleached Bone added for the highlights.

All the metal areas are the same as for the other two figures, as well as the black. The limited clothing she is wearing is a basecoat of Bubonic Brown, highlighted with Bleached Bone.

All three models are based with modelling sand which is inked black, then drybrushed Bestial Brown, Vomit Brown, and Bleached Bone. Little spots of static grass finish them off.

Thanks for reading!

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