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The Greater Pumpkin Head

Greater Pumpkin'Ead
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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian writes:

Ah, that's an idea.

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28 December 2007page first published

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finbob Fezian writes:

I painted this figure using Games Workshop paints. The colours I used are as follows:

White spray
Basecoat of Vermin Brown
Mid-tone of Vermin Brown + Blazing Orange
Highlights of above mix + Golden Yellow
Final highlights of above mix + Sunburst Yellow
Basecoat of Dark Angels Green
Thin wash of Dark Green Ink
Mid-tone of Dark Angels Green + Scorpion Green
Highlights of above mix + Sunburst Yellow
Final highlight of Sunburst Yellow
Basecoat of Vermin Brown
Then Sunburst Yellow
Upper Body:
Basecoat of Dark Angels Green
Thin wash of Dark Green Ink
Mid-tone of Camo Green (drybrushed)
Highlight of Camo Green + Sunburst Yellow
Very thin wash of Dark Green Ink
Final highlight of above mix + a little Skull White
Lower Body:
Basecoat of Scorched Brown + Graveyard Earth + Vermin Brown
Thin wash of Brown Ink
Mid-tone of above basecoat mix + Bleached Bone
Highlight of above mix + Skull White
Painted same as lower body and roots
Basecoat of Boltgun Metal
Mid-tone of Chainmail
Highlight of Chainmail + Mithril Silver
Final highlight of Mithril Silver
Sand and small stones attached to base
Stick cut from garden superglued to base, under Pumpkin's left foot
Thin wash of Black Ink all over
Basecoat of Scorched Brown
Mid-tone of Scorched Brown + Bestial Brown
Highlight of above mix + Bleached Bone
Final highlight of above mix + a little Skull White
Very thin wash of Scorched Brown
"Tree trunk":
Basecoat of Scorched Brown
Mid-tone of Scorched Brown + Bestial Brown
Highlight of above mix + Fortress Grey
Final highlight of above mix + little bit of Skull White
Apologies for poor quality of some of the pictures. I'm OK at painting, but like a toddler when it comes to taking decent pictures!

Assembling the Greater Pumpkin Head

I cleaned all flash off the figure - which was mostly around the tendrils on the head - and then superglued the arms in place.


The figure comes in four pieces (including the base), and fits together fairly well. The only bit of "jiggling" I had to do was with the left arm, as the bit that sticks into the underside of the upper body was a little long and didn't look right. So I chopped about 2mm off the end to make the arm fit more snugly. (This also had the advantage of letting the lower fingers touch the left leg, allowing a bit of added support.)

Once the glue had dried, I sprayed the whole thing white and left it to dry on a window sill for the day while I got some sleep (I'd been working the night before).

I tend to start from the top of the figure and work down when painting, so started with head. I always use thin layers of paint, using two or more coats of each mix to get a decent coverage.

The Head

I used a basecoat of Vermin Brown, which I find works well for orange as it is very orange in tone. To this, I added some Blazing Orange and added another layer, leaving the recesses Vermin Brown. I carried on adding Blazing Orange and layering the mix over, leaving a little of the previous colour each time. Finally, once I'd decided the mid-tone looked right, I started adding Golden Yellow to the mix. This I did a few times, each time using very thin layers. Finally I added Sunburst Yellow to the mix for the final highlights.

The Head

The Tendrils & Upper Body

I used a basecoat of Dark Angels Green, and did the tendrils and upper body at same time as they both had the same initial steps. I then washed them both with very thinned Dark Green Ink. Once they were dry, I added Scorpion Green to the Dark Angels Green and layered this mix over the tendrils. I kept adding Scorpion Green to the mix, again, until I was happy with the mid-tone. Then I added Sunburst Yellow and carried on with the layers. Finally I added just a few layers of very thin Sunburst Yellow.

With the upper body, once the Dark Green Ink was dry, I drybrushed Camo Green over the upper edges and under the head (on the roots, etc.). This was done fairly heavily. I then added Sunburst Yellow to this mix and drybrushed that over too - again, only the top edges, and fairly heavily. I then did another very thin wash of Dark Green Ink, let it dry, and then did final highlights of Camo Green + Sunburst Yellow with a little Skull White added.

Upper Body

The Lower Body & Arms

I initially used a thinned-down basecoat of Scorched Brown mixed with Graveyard Earth and Vermin Brown (roughly 70/15/15) all over, making sure I got into all nooks and crannies. I then washed it all over with thinned Brown Ink. Once this was dry, I highlighted the roots by adding Bleached Bone to the basecoat mix. Final highlights were done by adding Skull White to the mix. (The arms were painted in same way, at same time.)

The Metal Work (Back of Right Arm)

Metal work

I used a basecoat of thinned Boltgun Metal, which when dry, I went over with Chainmail. Highlights were added using Chainmail mixed with Mithril Silver. Final highlight was pure Mithril Silver.

The Base


After adding sand, some small stones and a stick under the left foot, I used a basecoat of Scorched Brown all over, very thinned down so it soaked into the sand and wood. I then added Bestial Brown and painted over the base, leaving Scorched Brown in the recesses. Bleached Bone was then added and again, painted over, leaving a little of previous coat in recesses. Finally Skull White was added and drybrushed over. I then used another very thin wash of Scorched Brown to tie layers together.

The wood was done with Scorched Brown and Bestial Brown as above, then Fortress Grey was added and lightly painted over. Finally Skull White was added and again painted over.

Static grass was added in places, then the figure was boxed and shipped!