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Adam Paints Some Lady Pirates

Female pirate fencing w/ rapier and boarding ax
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Female pirate w/ small hawk
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Female pirate w/ monkey
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Shagnasty Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Nice paint job but the models seem to be under clothed and a bit too "buff" for historical piratesses.

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29 January 2007page first published

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Adam of Pro Painted Miniatures writes:

Greeting, fans-of-painting-articles!

Here's a little run down of how I painted three beautiful piratically inclined ladies from Bronze Age Miniatures. I decided - before I put paint to model with these figures - that I wanted to try something different. I feel there is nothing wrong with experimenting with someone else's models. Especially when they're paying you. grin

Pirate ladies basecoated

Every part of these models has a basecoat of Scorched Brown (Citadel Colour) paint. I love Scorched Brown, and use it all the time as a basecoat, mix or wash. Because I use it as a base for so many colours, it seemed like a good idea to paint a model or three using just this colour.

I also took this as an opportunity to paint different tones of skin: one pale, one mid-tone, and one very tanned. Naturally, all with a basecoat of Scorched Brown.

The pale model is Tanned Flesh with increasing amounts of Pallid Flesh (now a discontinued paint, good luck finding some). A very watered-down wash of Scorched Brown is put over the skin to dull it down a little. I thought I'd make this young lady a redhead - painting her hair first with a highlight of Vermin Brown, then mixing Blazing Orange for another couple of layers.

The mid-range tone is Tanned Flesh, with a healthy mix of Dwarf Flesh added in. The lightest colour is Dwarf Flesh by itself. Her blonde hair is Snakebite Leather, with Bleached Bone mixed in for the highlights.

The darker skin is Scorched Brown mixed with Bestial Brown. A bit of Dwarf Flesh is mixed with the Bestial Brown for the highlights. Her hair is Scorched Brown, with Bleached Bone added for the highlights. Then a wash of watered-down black ink.

Pirate ladies - three skin tones

All sorts of different browns were used to paint the clothing (what there is of it).

  • On the redhead, they are Bestial Brown mixed with Space Wolves Grey. Weird, I know, but it seems to work.
Redhead with monkey
  • The blonde's dress is Bestial Brown mixed with Bubonic Brown, then Bleached Bone mixed in for the lighter highlights.
Blonde pirate (back)
  • The dashing brunette's clothes are largely Bestial Brown highlighted over the Scorched Brown, with Vomit Brown added for the lighter highlights.
Brunette pirate

Pretty much all of the Citadel Colour browns and flesh tones are used in places on these models. Colours that would be deemed too similar can be significantly changed by mixing in a different shade, or putting on a glaze of watered-down ink.

Pirate ladies completed

Next time, I might try a basecoat of green. Hmmmmm...

Brunette pirate (close-up)

Please feel free to check out to see some other examples of my work.

Editor's Note: We've just noticed that we neglected to provide Adam with the fencing pirate's second weapon - she is supposed to have a boarding axe in her left hand. (It must be around here somewhere...)