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Combatpainter Does Battlefront's 15mm Kubelwagens

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Jeff01 writes:

FWIW the mud effect seemed odd and really jumped out at me too.

It looked like the vehicle took a vertical drop into mud and mud splashed up but was never flung off the rotating wheels.

But thanks for the article Combatpainter!

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28 February 2007page first published

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combatpainter Fezian writes:

Fellow TMPer's !

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian asked me to do an article about painting 15mm Russian Front Kubelwagens, and this is what he sent me. I am not really a 15mm guy since I can barely see the figures, but I like to be a good sport about things.

The set is by the Battlefront (FOW) company. Fairly nice and clean sculpts. I have no complaints. Two Kubels, and two sets of a driver and a passenger.

I will be doing a basic tabletop standard. I would have preferred to do this in North Afrika colors, but I consented to do Early Eastern Front grey (yawn).

I took these and tidied them up a bit with a file.

Tidied up with a file

Here they are primed black. I decided to go black, because I didn't want to go white. I could have done grey, since this would probably enrich the color. Black has a tendency to absorb your colors, but in this case, I am painting it grey (yawn) so it doesn't much matter.

Primed black

This pic shows how I drybrushed them white to bring out the detail a bit. Better for me to see, and can revive the final result.

Drybrushed white

In this pic, I took the vehicle and painted it medium gray.

Painted gray

Now what I did was wash it with 5-parts flow release (get it in a craft store), 2-parts water, and 1 drop of GW black ink.

I drybrushed the vehicle with a lighter gray. Then I painted the roof cover, straps and seats in a drab/tan color.

Washed, drybrushed, and detailed

Here I painted in the straps and top with a highlight shade and small brush. Then I did the headlights and license plate (back). I put the guys into the vehicles, and then got them painted up with standard German green-gray color. I did the flesh and washed it with GW Flesh Wash. (Should have watered it down a bit more...)

Crew added

What I did here was take a lighter shade of the flesh, and try to squeeze in there and place a couple of highlights. I was a bit sloppy, but you can do it better if you take your time. I also touched the head lamps with a lighter blue.

Almost the final result
Almost the final result

OK - here is the final result. I splashed it with a bit of mud paint, painted small crosses on it, and rubbed them off to look worn.

Final result

Hope you enjoyed the program!

See you soon...

The Kubelwagen model from Battlefront shown in this article has been replaced in their catalogue by a resin one-piece model.