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Heavy Gear: Northern Guard Recon Squad

Northern Guard Recon Squad
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8 September 2006page first published

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Jake Staines of Eviscerate writes:

What do you get?

The Northern Guard Recon Squad set contains five figures; one Jaguar gear and four Cheetah gears. The Jaguar is the North's standard elite-trooper unit, and thus most likely the squad leader, and the Cheetahs the default scout gears - fast but lightly armed.

Heavy Gear figures are in 1/144th scale, which means that the four-metre-tall gears conveniently work out to about 28mm-tall figures. This leads most people to paint them like 28mm miniatures, highlighting up tones and so on as if they were 40K figures, but I think in the majority of cases this spoils the feeling of scale - instead, my approach is more like that used to paint larger-scale tank kits.


Each figure consists of more or less the same parts: a hexagonal base (Heavy Gear used to be played on hex mapsheets before the current miniatures-gaming incarnation of the rules); the torso and legs cast as a single piece; each arm separately, weapon moulded on; a rocket pod; a backpack/engine; a head for each gear; a sprue of grenades and a knife; a sheet of decals. As a sinistrist myself, I've always found it quite pleasing that a reasonable proportion of gear models are left-handed. grin

Jaguar main body

The main body of the Jaguar here is typical - no drastic problems, but a couple of mould lines around areas of detail (note the hardpoint mount on the hip skirt and the vents inside the left leg in particular - those are each a little tricky to clean out) and a little rounding and softening of detail typical of a mould used a little too long. Probably worst of all, the mould didn't fill entirely on the cover of the sensor package over the left foot, but this is small and discreet enough to blacken a bit later and call combat damage. DP9 have recently re-released their range with separate torsos and weapons and fresh moulds, but I've only ever seen the new minis direct from DP9, they don't seem to have filtered through to a great many hobby shops yet.

Jaguar arm

This is probably the worst piece of the lot; a relatively large chunk of flash on the shoulder armour at the top, and a misalignment of the mould.

Cheetah heads

On the other hand, some pieces - such as these Cheetah heads (about 3mm wide) are practically flash free (pouring hole excluded). Overall, I'd say the casting on these minis is about average, as the sci-fi wargames industry goes.

Decals sheet

The decals are a little on the coarse side, although the sheet pictured here is approximately 1 inch/25mm wide. It's a shame to see obvious dithering on decals, but I suppose it's the price we pay for non-primary colours.