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LPS2 Round 4 - Report from Fanjoy

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bandit86 Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Great job and article. I was surprised at first for you color choice (pink) until I saw your reference. Great job! Sorry that your competition has been whittled down so much but thanks for hanging in there. Happy painting.

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4 October 2006page first published

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fanjoy writes:

It was precisely when our work was most firmly grounded on the book of Euclid that the uninitiated were the most positive that the ships were being painted haphazard by a group of crazy Cubists.

-Everett Warner, on his WWI warship dazzle schemes

This theme was unusual, in that there was a link provided for reference. Using the link and other resources, I was able to find a wide variety of historical "dazzle" schemes to choose from. The one below is a pattern referred to as a Type 25 Design. It's the inspiration for my piece this time.

Inspiration: Type 25 Design

As you can see, this is a pretty confusing pattern. The idea is not to hide the object, but rather to break up its lines so that an observer has a hard time judging distance and orientation. I looked through my selection of minis for something that had a confusing appearance and was suitably large, to retain the "warship" feel. The Vanquisher is perfect: it's a big, blocky 'Mech that is not particularly humanoid in appearance. Here's a pic of one properly assembled (from the IWM site), followed by a pic of the parts on my workbench:

IWM Vanquisher Mini
Unmodified parts

I decided to modify the pose to give a more dynamic feel. Since the feet were fused to the same base plate, I started by cutting them apart. Next, I cut the legs at the knee joint so I could change the bend angle (more on this later). I also drilled out the barrels of the big guns (which are Light Gauss Rifles, by the way).

Parts after mods