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1 - First Looks at Forty Crossbowmen

Dwarf Crossbow Archers
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12 June 2002page first published

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Before shipping these figures off to the artist, I thought I'd better get acquainted with them myself. Demonworld figures are sold in units, which means that this pack contains everything needed to field one unit of crossbow archers - a leader, a standardbearer, a musician, and about 40 archers.

The Leader

Dwarf Crossbow leader - front view

My expectations were - since this was a "standard" Dwarven infantry unit - that this unit wouldn't be very elaborate. The leader would probably just be a crossbowman with a little different pose, maybe with a fist in the air?

Dwarf Crossbow leader - side view

Boy, was I wrong. The leader in this pack is a great figure, arguably good enough to substitute as an army commander! You've got a very active-looking figure, wonderful pose, and that "winged helmet" should make him stand out from the rest of the unit.

The Standardbearer


Again, a classy piece of a Dwarf holding up the unit's banner. The standard looks suitably Dwarfish - heavy chains, big (iron?) dragon on top. There's a bit of extra metal along the bottom of the banner, and between the banner and the figure's weapon, but that should be easy to trim away.

The Musician

Dwarf musician - side view

In Demonworld, units that have a "musician" (usually a drummer or bugler) receive a maneuverability bonus and a morale bonus (as long as the musician figure is alive!).

Dwarf musician - rear view showing war horn

Now, there's two ways to do a musician figure. Most of the time, sculptors produce a figure that is drumming its drum or bugling its bugle. However, what the sculptor has done with this figure is to give us a fighting Dwarf who happens to have a prominent war horn slung to his side - sort of a "potential" musician.

Dwarf musician - front view showing face

This figure is nicely militant, with good facial expression.

The Archers

Of course, you can't have a crossbow unit with crossbowmen - about forty, in fact, divided into two poses.

Dwarf crossbowman #1

The first pose gives us a credible Dwarf - wide, almost bowed down with armor and equipment, nice solid armored cap, big unadorned crossbow.

Dwarf crossbowman close-up

What's nice is that even this "plain infantry" figure has such facial detail.

Dwarf crossbowman with pot belly

The other pose does a nice job of showing Dwarves as being generously pot-bellied, with the chainmail flowing out and around the stomach - it adds a certain charm to the figure.

The Next Step

Now I need to figure out what my painting directions will be...