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2 - Nothing Stops Ira!

Javelin Corps (2)
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20 January 2006page first published

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Speaking as just one painter, please accept my continued appreciation for all the fine services you provide helping us to advertise our painting services and learn more about the business.

With those words, Ira of Bwana Art Studio volunteered to help out with TMP's Simian Army Project. I didn't need to recruit him - he saw the need, and stepped up to the plate.

It's not important, in my opinion, whether anyone knows who painted them... only that I'll be happy to assist...

Unfortunately, Fate sometimes intervenes in human affairs, as Ira notes in a more recent email:

My Ol' Bilge Pump is acting up here in my old age... and I've been off my feed, as they say...

I was unable to get all twelve of the Gorilla Army finished, but wanted to get at least four of them to you; two of each pose... and, if acceptable... you'll at the least have something to put in the Workbench.

I hope I haven't let you down!

Despite his health problems, Ira has come through like a trouper with the first four figures. Here are pictures of the two Standing Gorla:

Standing Gorla (front)
Standing Gorla (back)

Ira's approach to the Javelin Corps has been to distinguish them from the regimentation of the Legions by using a variety of uniform colors.

Standing Gorla close-up (face)

Unfortunately, one of the Gorla had a mishap in shipping - not any fault of the packing, but the problem we identified earlier with the way the spear is cast. The good news is that the spear is thick enough to make repair possible with a simple pin job.

Standing Gorla (front)
Standing Gorla (back)

And as you can see in this final shot, Ira's detail painting shows even on the base, where he's used multiple colors to give a natural look to the molded-on ground texturing.

Gorla feet