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Last Painter Standing - Round 5

Blood Reaver
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13 April 2004page first published

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When I first announced Last Painter Standing, I said it would be a tough and grueling contest...and it turns out that I was right. We're four rounds into the contest, and we've already lost seven out of eleven of the original Finalists.

The most recent losses were unknown member, who dropped out due to time considerations, and unknown member, who was voted out by the readers of TMP in Round Four.

Now, the remaining four contestants proceed to Round Five!

Blood Reaver blister pack

Again, we have something a bit different for them this round - the Blood Reaver from the Celtos product line. Well, actually, it's a Fomorian (amphibious demons - something like Orcs) riding a Blood Reaver - a "demonic servant creature" known for its great talons and massive shark-like teeth.

Blood Reaver teeth

The model barely fits in a blister pack, and consists of five metal parts and a large circular plastic base (without a slot).

Blood Reaver components (including plastic base, barely visible in picture)

The Blood Reaver itself comprises a body (including tail, and two rear limbs molded in place), plus separate fore limbs. Features include dorsal spikes, a tail with a toothed jaw, and straps (for the rider).

Blood Reaver parts

Does he walk on four legs, or two? I'm guessing four, since he's posed walking on a back limb and a front limb. The back limbs are kind of scrawny, while the front limbs are heavily muscled. All limbs have large claws.

The Fomorian rider comes in two pieces - upper torso and lower torso. The lower torso includes the saddleclothes.

Formorian parts

The rider grasps a two-handed bladed lance (molded with the upper torso).

Close-up of Fomorian

The deadline for this round is 28 April 2004. As the write-ups come in, they will be posted here...

Assembled and primed model (photo courtesy of i-Kore)