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Finishing the Corporate Babes

Corporate Babes
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The Centurian Inactive Member writes:

Is it just me, or is something wrong with #2's legs? They look prosethetic under the knee -- must be the heavier outline.


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Stronty Girl Fezian Inactive Member (AKA Amanda Kear) writes:

Stage 4:

Time for the girls to do their hair. Babe #1 has hers drybrushed first with W&N Burnt Umber, then with W&N Bronze. Yes, actual metallic paint. Babe #2 has a basecoat of W&N Red Iron Oxide for her hair, then drybrushed with W&N Mars Orange.

For both of them, their eyes were done in W&N Titanium White, then the irises done in GW Chaos Black. Babe #1 got some lipstick of Burnt Umber mixed with Reeves Quinocridone Magenta, whilst Babe #2 had her lips done in Tanned Flesh and Quinocridone Magenta.

Corporate Babes

Stage 5:

Clothing next. Babe #1 has her skirt basecoated in Liquitex Brilliant Purple, and her jacket, boots and bag in Reeves Dioxazine Purple. Babe #2 has a blouse of W&N Finity Cadmium Yellow Medium, and a skirt of Rowney Cryla Cadmium Red.

Corporate Babes

Stage 6:

The clothes were shaded. Babe #1 had her skirt shaded by wet-blending a little Reeves Dioxazine Purple into the Liquitex Brilliant Purple. Her jacket, etc., were drybrushed with a mix of Rackham Migol Blue and Liquitex Brilliant Purple. Then her buttons were done with Daler-Rowney's Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Mazuma Gold (wow, that's a bit of a mouthful…). Meanwhile Babe #2, continuing her cadmium theme, had W&N Cadmium Orange blended into the cadmium yellow of her blouse - and also drybrushed onto the cadmium red of her skirt and tie.

Babe #1's lipstick was looking a bit feeble, so it was boosted with a dab of W&N Permanent Alizarin Crimson.

And it is time to accessorise… Babe #1 had her pistol painted in W&N Silver, then given a wash of GW Chaos Black. Whilst Babe #2 had both her pistol and mobile painted in W&N Graphite Grey, then drybrushed with Silver and given a wash of black. Both their bases were given a wash of Rowney Cryla Opaque Oxide of Chromium (or green, to mere mortals like you and me).

Corporate Babes

Stage 7:

A spot of spray varnish and a bit of titivating on the base, and the ladies are all ready for action!

Corporate Babes