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Deneesha & Slint

Deneshea & Slint - Aberrant
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Hundvig Fezian Inactive Member writes:

Ummm…more unusual, that is. You can't really be more unique, can you?

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Dentatus Fezian writes:

I was concerned about doing any cutting, reposing or modifying the figs, so - save for some minor bending - the figs are posed straight out of the blister. There's not much by way of T:B figs pictured on the Web, so I ended up taking most of my paint scheme inspiration from the two little data cards. Deneesha got the latest in insect colorization with successive coats of green brown to sick green to putrid yellow, while Slint went for the more traditional sci-fi serpentine blue/teal combo.

Deneesha in progress
Slint in progress

Once that was all dry, it was more a matter of some highlights, picking out minor details, and finishing the bases off. A quick satin seal, and they're ready to melt your eyeballs out of your head or eviscerate you with a swipe of their claws. While I enjoy painting - as an average tabletop-gaming-level painter - I'm much more of a gamer , so everything went fairly fast and easy. All and all, they're nice figs, both the Aberrants and the Humans - different than the standard fare, and loaded with character.

Deneesha and Slint
Slint under attack
Deneesha under assault

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