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Chewie & Misfit4: Empires Painting Report

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25 August 2004page first published

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Painting Report

(Unfortunately, the roll of pictures of the painting process did not develop well, but we have since gone to a digital camera. Better pictures will be available in the next article!)

The first step was to wash the miniatures to remove any release agents that may have been on them. Then the flash and mold lines were removed (quite easily) with an Exacto and round file.

Since they are capitals, we thought that their national flags needed to fly proudly above them. Two quick holes were made by drilling into the base of the miniatures, and little brass rods were cut and inserted.

As this point, the miniatures were assembled and glued together. The roofs and poles were now in place, and then primed them using GW spray primer. Misfit4 painted the human capital, and the orc capital was Chewie's undertaking.

The capitals are primed

Chewie Paints the Orc Capital

I started out by painting the lower floor a dark green, the upper floor a leathery brown. The front road and the top walkway was a red base, dry brushed with a light brown. The windows were then painted yellow, forever revealing a lighted house where orcs were always at play.

Orc capital in progress

The walls were brushed black, and the roof was painted yellow and then washed with a brown ink.

Glue was used to adhere the static grass to the courtyard and around the base. To make the whole ensemble complete, a ladybug flag was attached to represent the orc nation.

This was the third miniature I ever painted, so I am abnormally proud of it!

Misfit4 Paints the Human Capital

The human capital was my task. I had never painted a 15mm building before, and found it trickier than I thought it would be.

I started by mixing black and Dark Angels Green, and painting the inner courtyard. Then a layer of pure Dark Angels Green was drybrushed on, and was followed by another dry brushing of Camo Green.

Looking at it, I realized that I could cut down on the layers of highlights, as the size hid a lot of the details.

Next, I painted the pathway and the road in the same Bleached Bone/tan color. There was some battle damage sculpted on the building, which was painted in the tan as well and washed over with a Windsor & Newton Nut Brown ink. I then mixed a dark gray and covered the walls with it. After it dried, some blue gray was added to the mix and brushed over the walls.

The trim was pure black around the roof, walls and base of the miniature. The dome was done in brass. Then all the crossbars in the windows were done in medium brown. Several dozen attempts were made to make them perfect, but decent lines were settled for.

Human capital in progress

The base was given two final dry brushes, a dark brown and a yellow brown, to make the base seem more dirt-like. The flag was black with Guinness written on it, and a pint glass painted on.

The finished capitals

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