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15mm Blemmyes from East Riding

Blemmyes (chest-eye) with spears (8 per pack)
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FT 25
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I'm surprised you forget Berk. It's a word you must have heard aimed your way a few times <grin>

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I took this project on, based on a previous Workbench article. Seeing the work in the previous article, I felt I could do as well or better. Bill gave me the opportunity. grin

I collect 15mm. I have collected and painted 15mm for about 10 years (before that, I collected mostly 6mm). I tend to paint armies; rarely will I paint one figure at a time. Fifty to sixty figures is a typical batch, so this set was fairly light with only 32 figures. I also tend to work with the "3 foot" rule - if I can't see the detail 3 feet away, I really don't need to paint it...

There was a slight delay in getting to these, as I had Napoleonic British on the workbench ahead of these - roughly 100 cavalry and 150 infantry!

So, let's get started!

The figures needed next-to-no preparation - very clean castings.

The figures
Note the base of my OTT Lite - I think this is the key to my painting. Before I got this (at the suggestion of my wife), I used a desk lamp with a 40-watt bulb. She discovered the OTT Lite through quilting - with it, you can easily tell the color of threads. I found that my production increased, and my eye fatigue went down. The OTT Lite is a full-spectrum light, and as near to daylight that I have found. You can find them at fabric and craft stores (watch for the 40%-off-any-one-item coupons!).

The next step is to get these ready for priming. I glued 4 figures to each craft stick (makes them easier to handle). I attach the figures with a drop of white glue ("PVA" to our friends across the pond).

Based for painting

Fortunately, it warmed up to about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so a quick dash outside to spray-prime with cheap Flat White. Here in the wilds of Wyoming, as well as being cool, the air is dry.

Outside priming in the winter in Wyoming

A quick light spray, with a couple of turns of the board to make sure that everything is covered.

Primed figures