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1 - Just Who Are These Guys?

Dwarven Heroes & Commanders
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Dwarven Priests
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14 June 2002page first published

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In this first article, I want to show everyone what the figures look like and explore some of their fictional background. My instinct is to set Gary up with the same background material, and see where his inspiration takes him.

Argam Rustbeard

Argam Rustbeard - front view

The thing I like about Argam - both in the background material, and in the figure itself - is that this is a plain Dwarven leader. He's not trying to be flashy, he's not whipping some blade in the air, he's just determined to go to war. Very Dwarfy. (Well, OK, the axe is kind of flashy...)

Argam Rustbeard - rear view

The background simply says he's an experienced warrior equipped with platemail, and armed with a double-handed axe. Note that he has a well-trimmed beard (makes it easier to wear a helm in battle?).

Argam Rustbeard close-up - there's a lot of character in this face

As far as color schemes, it's pretty much wide open. I'm using Argam as a Gaeta general ("Gaeta" is one of the two Dwarven lands in Demonworld), but there are no mandated or even suggested kingdom or clan colors.

Thorbal, Servant of Fire

Thorbal - front view

Now speaking of flashy, ol' Thorbal looks like the kind of priest who puts on a good show for the worshippers. He's described as a "typical" fire priest - which means he wears the finest chainmail and a red tunic, and is armed with a flame sword.

Thorbal - rear view

Now I wonder if the "tunic" business isn't a translation error - since these books were originally written in German. I suspect it's the cloak that's supposed to be red. (That's how they paint it in the catalogue.)

Thorbal - close-up

Hobby Products likes their Dwarves pot bellied, and Thorbal is no exception. His beard flows down over his belly, while his belt looks like it is straining to hold up the load! There's a lot of animation in his face, which should give Gary a lot to work with.

I've never tried to paint a flame sword before, so will be eager to learn some new techniques when Gary starts work on this figure...