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Villagers: The Landlord

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Hundvig Fezian Inactive Member writes:

Innkeeper, perhaps?

Lovely work on that stein, BTW.

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23 October 2008page first published

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Warcolours Painting Studio Fezian writes:

I wanted to give the idea that these villagers live in an area where the sun doesn't generally shine bright, and maybe they spend quite a lot of time indoors for fear of the vampires (apart from the blacksmith, who seems quite strong enough to give the old count a good run for his money).

So I painted them in generally pale skin tones, starting with GW Foundation Tallarn Flesh and highlighting with VMC955 Flat Flesh and the VMC815 Basic Skintone. The landlord's beard and receding hair was painted in VMC862 Black Grey, with a drybrush of VMC820 Offwhite to pick up the details and make him look middle-aged. The shirt was painted with VMC899 Dark Prussian Blue, highlighted with VMC965 Prussian Blue, and then adding to this, increasing amounts of VMC943 Grey Blue. Finally, a watered down coat of GW Blue Ink was used as a glaze to bring everything together. The ribbons holding up his sleeves where painted in bright red (VMC957 Flat Red) to provide some contrast.

His trousers were painted in GW Foundation Adeptus Battlegrey, highlighted by adding some GW Foundation Astronomican Grey first and VMC820 Offwhite afterward. The boots are painted using GW Scorched Brown, highlighted with more and more GW Bestial Brown.

The main feature of this figure is the apron, for which I tried to achieve a very smooth white finish: this was made by basecoating with VMC907 Pale Greyblue, and using many extremely-thinned-down layers in which more and more VMC820 Offwhite was added, with the final highlights picked up with GW Skull White.

Finally, the beer stein he holds was basecoated with VMC884 Stone Grey and highlighted to almost pure white, then decorations were added using extremely-thinned-down VMC899 Dark Prussian Blue. The cap was finally painted with VMC864 Natural Steel, and washed with a little thinned-down GW Black Ink.

The Landlord (front)
The Landlord (back)