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Early Imperial Army (25mm Groundscale)
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Celtic Army (25mm Groundscale)
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You've all been clamoring for more pictures, so I've been taking a few more.

Now, in the interest of showing what these figures look like on the tabletop, there's a good argument that all the pictures should be taken at a fair distance - like this...

Roman infantry at gaming-table distance

However, a picture like that isn't much help when getting ideas on how to paint the figures! Therefore, I'm going after some tight close-ups in this article - knowing that I'm showing the figures in ways you wouldn't see on the tabletop, but close enough to see how they're painted.

Roman infantry up close

When seen in extreme close-up, you can see how Robert focuses on the main details. This means that figures look a bit impressionistic when seen this close...

Roman cavalry up close

Roman infantry up close

Celtic skirmishers up close

...but look right when viewed as units and formations.

Massed Celtic infantry

Celtic cavalry

More Roman cavalry

Celtic chariots