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3 - Finishing and Basing the Miners

Dwarven Miners
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Rusty of 4 Demons Painting Service writes:

Step 3: Shading and Highlights

Because the figures are 15mm I didnt want to highlight them by drybrushing, so I softly painted on lighter shades of the base colors.

Dwarven Miner leader

For the flesh, I used a mix of my own whiteboy (a slightly lighter shade of Bronzed Flesh) with 2 drops of Dwarf Flesh mixed in.

Miners with smudges

I also wanted a few smudges on them because they are grimy miners. I found a little brush with a round fuzzy tip, and used that to make a couple smudges of grey.

more Miners, showing variations in colors

Because the Miners Guild colors are red and yellow, I had to add that. I was originally going to put it on the back of their coats, but instead put the colors on their axes - I thought it would be more prominent there. As the axe swings, the pansy elves get the Guild colors as their last sight.

The Miners are based

Step 4: Basing

I then glued the Dwarves to the bases, and painted the bases green. Then I used an old brush to paint on watered-down white glue, and dipped the bases in green flock. I then put a few more dabs of glue on the bases and dipped them in a sandy rock mix, to add a little color to the bases.

The Miners are ready for battle!

Voila! A unit of Dwarven Miners ready to slay Tree-hugging Elves!

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