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Christian Weiss' Simian Legion Report

Simian Empire Legionnaires (2 models)
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christian Sponsoring Member of TMP Inactive Member writes:

Welcome the new rulers of the world, Hail Simian Empire!

Hmm, I think I am working on these guys for too long (damn, where are my bananas???). So, this is my first report of the Simian side of life, eh, I mean painting these cute little fellows.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Christian Weiss. I am from Berlin, Germany, and have to finish these miniatures first, as the postal service will need 4 weeks to deliver them. I think they would be faster, if a Giant Gor would be standng right behind them!


Here are some shots of my working desk and some stuff I am working on at the moment.


I have several different brands of paints: Citadel, I-Kore, Lukas, Coat D'Arms, Vallejo. I mostly use Citadel paints, as I like them most.


I have several brushes - a 3, 2, 1 and 000. Then a large brush for priming and an old brush for mixing colours (and putting glue onto the bases).

I have been into this time-consuming hobby for about 15 years now, playing with little miniatures and even painting them. I enjoy both playing and painting - I think that's why I am mostly painting armies.

My favorite game is Warhammer Fantasy. I have a fully painted Lizardmen and Vampire Counts army. Other games I play are Celtos, Void, Warmachine, Full Thrust, WH Ancients..... and the typical GW stuff.

Flying Dwarf on the workbench

But this article is all about painting, isn't it (still searching for my bananas...)? Ok, I started painting seriously 6 years ago. I have been doing commissioned work for about 4 years now, and did much stuff for I-Kore (Celtos and Void painting guides), army painting (Fir Bolg and Sidhe). I am very into trying out different painting schemes (I did some alternative schemes for the Void VASA and Syntha forcebooks from I-Kore), each unit of my Warhammer Lizardmen Army is painted in different colours.

Another model on the workbench

I like to use very bright colours (green and orange seem to be my favorite...). If there wouldn't have been a clear painting scheme for the Simians, I would have painted them... green and orange. No, I think I would have used the white/red scheme for the clothes (as in the official Simian pictures of 100 Kingdoms) and black fur.

Beside painting and playing with miniatures, I have several webpages:

  1. Stronghold Online, my main page. No, it has nothing to do with the computer game (nevertheless, I get emails with questions like how to get to level 3 and what to do if disk 1 doesn`t work...). The page is in german with a massive amount of pictures. There are event reports, workbench articles and painting guides too.
  2. Celtos. I started this page to promote Celtos and I-Kore in Germany. This page is in English and German.
  3. Spieleninberlin is the page of our local gaming club. I maintain this page with a friend of mine. We have excellent gaming terrain and are doing regular events like tournaments etc.
  4. Battlefield Berlin is a new project. Me and a friend are starting an online shop with miniatures and stuff. We are still working on the shop system, but will start very soon.

So why am I participating in this contest?

I don't know, a Giant Gor forced me to do this. I always liked the 100 Kingdom miniatures, but have never seen any in reality (I think right now I am the first German ever with a 100 Kingdom miniature in my hands...).

So, thats it for the first article (found the banana and started eating it...). Tomorrow I will show you how I prepared the models and how I started painting!