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Knome Spotter
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28 August 2006page first published

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Well, I really didn't mean to leave you in months of suspense! However, immediately after I ran the previous article, I discovered that the painter was closing his service, moving to Vegas, and then reopening his studio under a new name...

Hoard Painting Studio

Getting back to my story: I needed to know if this painter - Steve Skutell - could do commission work and have it come out in the same style as the original Grandfather figure. So, I commissioned him to paint up another figure from the Crucible miniatures line - the figure currently in the Iron Wind catalog as Knome Spotter, but which actually serves as a sort of Technomancer under the Crucible rules.

Here are the results:

Knome Spotter (right)
Knome Spotter (front)
Knome Spotter (back)

I wasn't actually that fond of this figure unpainted, but now that it's painted up, it's techno-geekiness has grown on me.

Knome Spotter (close-up)

There's a lot going on here - the metal-toed shoes, the candle on the "football" helmet, the scope mounted on a shoulder pad, the whacky scorpion polearm... I'm digging it.

Knome Spotter's whacky weapon

Is it a perfect match for Grandfather?

The start of my Crucible Dwarf army

Well, the skin tones are a bit off, but one is an elderly Dwarf and the other is a Knome (in Crucible, a sterile sub-branch of the Dwarven race), so I can live with some variation. The ground color is also a different shade. But what matters to me is that Steve is still hitting the dour, gothic look I'm going for.

Time to give him more to do...