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A Hexon Board for Ogre

Hexon II Box Set (21 boards)
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jfleisher writes:

I've been meaning to comment on this project too, I am doing something similar, but with hexagonal (4") ceramic floor tiles. Heavy, but much cheaper than Hexon…

I bought about 400 tiles back in the late 80's painted them all flat black and glued felt to the bottoms of them fo ruse with space games, mostly SFB with models. Now I'm going to re-purpose them for Ogre….

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14 April 2004page first published

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As part of my Ogre Project, I've decided to recreate the basic Ogre game map using Kallistra's Hexon II terrain system.

Hexon II terrain boards

A look at the gameboard tells me that I'll need five rows of Hexon pieces, each 11 pieces long, for a total of 55 pieces. (This will actually give me some excess hexes, but that's not a problem with this scenario.)

That's about 2.5 boxes of Hexon boards (which are sold in boxes of 21 pieces). However, I decide to order the four-box set due to the savings, which will leave me with surplus for another project I have in mind. At the time of this writing, four boxes cost £204.80 GBP, including delivery to the U.S.

Clear terrain area (one Hexon board's worth)

An assessment of the Ogre map reveals that this should be perhaps the easiest possible terrain to create: it's a flat landscape, studded with the occasional crater (impassible terrain, but doesn't block line of sight) and rubble barriers (impassible to most vehicles, but not Ogres or infantry). There are 17 craters (including two double-craters), and almost 30 barriers.

Crater from the Deluxe Ogre map

Now as I understand the theory of Hexon II, the craters will definitely be "add on" terrain pieces (made separately, and placed on top of the Hexon II boards).

Obstructed terrain area (one Hexon board's worth)

The rubble spots (which go along the hexsides, and vary from 1 to 4 hexsides in length) could be add-ons, though I'm leaning towards building them directly on the boards. The basic rule of thumb seems to be that anything that's so tall it would cause the boards not to stack (for storage), needs to be an add-on. I'm thinking that the rubble areas should be roughly 3mm tall - that looks impassible to normal vehicles, but scalable by an Ogre. And 3mm wouldn't be a stacking problem.

That conveniently breaks the project down into three steps:

  1. The Clear Area - the initial entry for the Ogre, an area free of rubble and craters.
  2. The Obstructed Area - the rest of the playing field, with terrain boards that have rubble fields on them.
  3. The Craters - the add-on pieces for the nuclear craters.

To Be Continued