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1 - Meeting Caesar Octavian

Caesar Octavian
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Before sending Caesar Octavian off to Lee Olson (of Pewter Illusions), I decided to snap a few photos of the unpainted figure.

Caesar in the pack

This figure represents the Emperor of the Simian Empire:

Caesar Octavian is ever mindful that his reign is not supported by all of his subjects, and as a result, his praetorian guard has become far more ruthless in its work, weeding out the cancers in Simian society. Octavian wishes to see the glory of the Simian Empire stretch across the hundred kingdoms. The Caesar would see the human barbarians who would question his people's superiority as a species crushed under his heel. Octavian has vowed to bring civility to the uncivilized, and peace to the land through unquestionable law. Only then might the people of the hundred kingdoms come to worship the one true god with their full attention.
Caesar Octavian (front)

The figure wears decorative armor - a breastplate with an embossed eagle, armor about the neck, and armored skirt.

Close-up of Caesar's face and breastplate

Caesar keeps one hand on the hilt of a sheathed shortsword - is it a military swagger, or the habit of a veteran campaigner?

Caesar Octavian (side)

One of the nice details is the way the Emperor's boots have been designed to accomodate Simian feet.

Caesar's boots

Signs of rank include epaulettes on both shoulders, and a wreath in the hair.

Wreath in Caesar's hair

A knee-length cloak completes Caesar's wardrobe.

Caesar Octavian (rear)

Figure stands 30mm tall (from bottom of foot to eye level), 34mm (to top of head), or 39mm (to top of raised arm).