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Jay Wirth Paints 15mm Crusaders for DBA

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Charles Marlow Inactive Member writes:

Well painted!

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Jay Wirth Fezian Inactive Member of Renaissance Ink writes:

After deciding on figure scale, I gathered the needed materials.

Old Glory 15s - I chose packs for a Late Crusader Army (stock #'s CR1 thru CR10). I included extra packs of foot and command for the few extra poses that can be mixed with the rank-and-file, offering troop variety.
Renaissance Ink Wargame Bases - "Thin Plastic with Magnet" looks great with 15mm
Renaissance Ink Medium Flocking Gel - this will look very good as grass for 15 or 25mm.
A rattail and flat file, wire cutters, Gale Force 9 superglue.
Books & Reference:
DBA 2.2
Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath
Osprey's The Crusades #19 and Knights of Christ #155
a bunch of screenshots from Kingdom of Heaven

As you can see, I have separated the figs into elements (labeled bags). I clean and base one element type at a time.

1 3kn - Command: Abelin, Marshal & Hospitaller
5 4sp - Jerusalem colors
1 3bw - no set color
2 4cb - no set color
1 3cv - Turcopoles
1 3kn - Hospitaller colors
2 3kn - Abelin colors