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3 - Priming and Planning the Crossbowmen

Dwarf Crossbow Archers
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Vladimir of Old Guard Painters writes:

The Pre-Step

Before we would paint the miniatures, it is important that we know how they must look - the colour of the cloth, the weapons, and not to forget the beard! This is the pride of a Dwarf...if we would paint the beard in the wrong colour, there is a good chance that the Dwarf would not see any humour in that :-( therefore it is important to make a sketch of the Dwarves.

Dwarven leader - front sketch

On the sketch, we write which colours we intend to use.

Dwarven leader - rear sketch

This is a very rough sketch (as you see, there is not many colours marked on it), but it is good to understand how the final figure would look!

Crossbowmen sketch

another Crossbowmen sketch

Step One

As you see we are going to take it step by step, so you can see how it all works out. These figures do not require any clean-up before priming - they are fine as they are.

primed figures

In this step we have primed the Dwarves with a black matt primer. We use a primer which you can buy for painting metal surfaces (cars, bikes, etc.). It is a Ukrainian brand, but it is very good and strong.

close-up of primed figure

Then we have painted the the flesh on the Dwarves. We used Matte Flesh from Humbrol. The technique is that we paint the flesh first, and give it a careful wash after that.