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The Final Simian Legion Pictures

Simian Empire Legionnaires (2 models)
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14 January 2004page first published

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Well, I promised at the end of this Workbench series to put the finalists in front of my camera - the models, of course, not the people!

Models from each of the finalists

(And by way of explanation - yes, there were originally five Finalists. Oracle Supporting Member of TMP had to drop out of the contest, but has promised to finish painting his Legionaires for the TMP army in the near future.)

The idea is to give all of you a "fair and balanced" look at the contesting Simian Legion models, before taking your votes (tomorrow). To make this as fair as possible, I've taken photographs under pretty much identical circumstances for all of the entries.

Since this is a contest about painting units, several of the photos show the actual units as they would be seen in game play - Legionaires in two ranks of three across.

Legionaires from Chuck1372 (left) and Colonel Hairy Haggis (right)

And I've also taken close-up photos, so that you can get another look at the faces and shields (which I know you've had a lot of interest in).

Legionaires from ixminis (left) and Christian Weiss (right)

As a photographer, I found these figures particularly challenging to capture in a picture - possibly due to being generally "dark" figures (dark uniforms, dark fur). I've done my best - but you should also consult the artists' own photos (from their Workbench articles) before casting your contest votes...