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The Army for Bill: Warband #4


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unknown member writes:

"Oi! The first guy is a Viking Berserker trying to pass himself off as a Celt, isn't he?"

They had illegal immigrants in ancient times too you know!

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And let's say 'hello' to Warband #4 for the Army for Bill - this time, all spearmen!

Warband #4

Figure #1

Figure #1 (front)

unknown member found this remarkable figure, and painted it in a suitably dark and gloomy scheme.

Figure #1 (side)

Is he addressing some barbarian god, promising to slay many enemies for him?

Figure #1 (back)

Or is he asking: "Please, don't roll another one!"

Figure #1 (top)

Figure #2

Figure #2 (front)

Meanwhile, unknown member must be setting some kind of record for consecutive appearances in the Workbench, as we see another of his Celts.

Figure #2 (side)

This one looks particularly Gallic to me - must be the moustache! The checkered pants and the tattoos and the limed hair are also right on the money.

Figure #2 (back)

Figure #3

Figure #3 (front)

unknown member has found yet another good figure, and has given him the Celtic "limed hair" look. The technique on the cloak works quite well, I think.

Figure #3 (back)