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FoW Crusaders, Part II

Crusader I or II
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$15.00 NZD

Crusader III
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$15.00 NZD


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unknown member writes:

great painting and mounting!

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16 March 2009page first published

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unknown member of Mini-Dragon writes:

At this point, I was rolling right along with the painting and completely neglected taking any more progress shots! I need to figure out how to remind myself about this - for now, I'll just tell myself that I was lost in the joy of painting!!!

My next step was to drybrush the tanks with the base color, and then a lighter version of the same color (I just added some white).

Next, I painted on the black camo, and highlighted it with a quick drybrush (I added the base tan to my black for the drybrush). I used the thinned black paint to paint the tracks at this point as well. When I had the tracks painted and dry, I thinned the paint some more and sloshed it all over the roadwheels and sprockets.

I mixed orange and black for a dirty rust color, and painted that on the exhaust pipes. I originally painted the boxes (mufflers?) that the pipes attach to orange as well, but a little looking showed me that no one else seems to be doing this…. I can only assume they aren't mufflers - or they just don't get very rusty! After a quick paint-over on the muffler/things, I was back on track.

The tanks were essentially done at this point - only the tank commander and markings needed to be added/finished. I decided they looked a bit too neat and some things weren't well enough defined, though, so I thinned my black even more, added some brown ink, and gave the tanks a nice wash to deepen the shadows and dirty them up some.

I quickly painted the tank commander and markings, and these tanks were ready to roll!


Perhaps you'd like to have unknown member do some work for you, but you're curious about the pricing? For this project, he would charge:

2 Crusader III tanks - assemble & paint - $15.00 USD each
1 Crusader II tank (w/ tank commander) - $17.00 USD