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Colonel Hairy Haggis' Simian Legion Report

Simian Empire Legionnaires (2 models)
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Colonel Hairy Haggis Inactive Member writes:

My name is Bill Landrum alias Colonel Hairy Haggis Inactive Member. How I got that moniker would take much to long to tell and would bore folks to tears. Let's just say it's a funny story that I'll tell over a good whiskey.

I've been gaming with miniatures since 1959, when I got my first Blue/Gray Battles set for Christmas. I started formal "club" gaming in 1972 with a group of notables that included such people as Craig Taylor, Tony Stubblefield, John Parris, Larry Brom, Gavin Pickens, and a host of other noble foes too lengthy to remember them all here. Needless to say, I have had a well-rounded wargaming experience.

I am president of the Palmetto State Wargaming Society. We have had as many as 35 gamers on our active rolls, and we will be starting a "new" year gaming at Borderlands - a marvelous gaming/comic shop here in Greenville, South Carolina.

To further amuse and amaze you, here are some pictures of me and my hobby shop and other stuff:

Here I am painting something...

Haggis in his hole!

The Haggis in his hole!

This next picture is some of the things I'm working on. Can you say multitask, boys and girls? I'm very deep into gaming Victorian Science Fiction, and aerial combat games.

Above the painting desk

And that's just above the paint desk!

This is the paint desk.

The paint desk

Here is the sculpting desk...

Scultping desk

Sculpting for fun

Sculpting for fun!

More fun

More fun!

Project ready to be packed and sent

Here is a project ready to be packed and sent to the caster. This is one I'm doing for money! Don Perrin gave me leave to paint the Simians. He is without doubt the best guy to sculpt for! Look for an announcement soon from Perrin about a great new line of miniatures.

Haggis at Warfair

Here I am game master of a Wings game at Warfair in Atlanta in 1998.

Scratchbuilt WWI aircraft

Here is a closer look at my scratchbuilt 15mm scale WW1 aircraft. I also invented the flight stands, and the map they are flying over was hand-done by Tony Stubblefield and myself. The map is 5 feet wide and 12 feet long. Tony started drawing hexes at one end and I started at the other - we met in the middle. That's our story and we're sticking to it!

Haggis at Borderlands

Haggis playing a VSF game at his favorite gaming store - Borderlands in Greenville, South Carolina.

The lovely Samantha

Haggis' favorite adversary - his lovely daughter Samantha.

Well I probably have bored you to tears by now with my dull life, so I'll just leave you with this thought. Vote for me, and vote often! Thanks for looking.