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Villagers: The Blacksmith

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WaltOHara writes:

I painted MY blacksmith with a green fez (and white tassel) and wrote "NOVAG" on it. hee hee heee

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Warcolours Painting Studio Fezian writes:

I wanted the blacksmith to have a ruddy complexion, so I basecoated the skin areas in GW Tanned Flesh. I then started building the highlight by first adding GW Dwarf Flesh to the base tone, then with pure Dwarf Flesh, followed by a mix of this with GW Elf Flesh, and finally, pure Elf Flesh on the topmost highlights.

The trousers were basecoated in GW Chaos Black and then highlighted by using VMC862 Black Grey, followed by a mix of Black Grey and GW Codex Grey. The boots were basecoated with a mix of GW Chaos Black and GW Scorched Brown, to which more and more GW Bestial Brown was added for the highlights. The apron started off with a layer of GW Bestial Brown, and then more and more GW Snakebite Leather was added to the mix to build the highlights.

Finally, an extremely watered-down mix of GW brown and black inks was used as a final glaze, to tint the highlights and bring everything together.

I wanted the metal bits of his tools to look like smoky iron (not shiny steel), so they were painted with VMC862 Black Grey. A very minimal, sharp higlight was given only to the edges, using VMC990 Light Grey. The handles were painted using VMC875 Beige Brown, and the grain was picked out with a little VMC828 Woodgrain.

The beard and moustache were painted with VMC862 Black Grey highlighted with GW Codex Grey - like the pom pom on top of his fez hat, which in turn was basecoated with VMC814 Burnt Cadmium Red, followed by VMC957 Flat Red and VMC817 Scarlet.

Finally, the base was painted with GW Foundation Adeptus Battlegrey, on which fine lines of pure GW Black Ink were painted, followed by lines of GW Foundation Astronomican Grey to give the idea of cobblestones.

Blacksmith (front)
Blacksmith (back)