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How to Dip Wargames Factory Plastics & Old Glory Figures

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pikeman666 writes:

I want to encourage anyone who is hesitant to try any of the variations of the process. Like Danny, I was confronted with a bunch of crummy-looking figures and needed an easy fix.
The only clarification I will offer is to avoid doing it is a hot space. My first try was on a very hot summer day (over 100f) and the stain dried too quickly. My second try was after the weather had cooled and it worked just great. It was a forehead-slapping result! I hit them with some matte spray and was done.
You must try this process – it is simply too good and the results are so consistent.

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Laconia Hobbies writes:

You will need Minwax Tudor (from Ace Hardware), waxpaper, primer, a shallow box, disposable brush, surgical gloves, and mineral spirits.

Prepared Figures

Step One:

Clean the figure of flash and fill in all the gaps with greenstuff. Base on a stick, a piece of cardboard, etc.


Step Two:

Prime the figure. I use this primer from Michaels/A.C. Moore. Use Gray – it's cheap and cheerful.

Figures with Black Wash

Step Three:

Paint a diluted mix of black paint and water over the figures. 3:2 works best: three-parts paint and two-parts water.

Step Four:

Paint the helmet, Bronze; the flesh, Flesh; the mail, Silver; etc. If you make a mistake, no worries, the dip will fix all your problems.

Step Five:

Get waxpaper and put in a shallow box (I use a beer box). Make sure you have surgical gloves.

Step Six:

Mix two-parts Minwax with one-part mineral spirits Use Minwax Tudor (from Ace Hardware).

Cover the figure with the Minwax/mineral-spirit mix.

Step Eight:

Put the figure, standing up straight, in the beer box.

Step Nine:

Finally, let set for one day in a well-ventilated place. (It smells.)

Finished figures