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1 - Looking Over the Centurion

Simian Centurion
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Before sending the model off to Matt Gubser of Prophet Miniatures, I thought it would be a wise idea to pop it out of its package and take a few "before" photos...

Simian Centurion in its original packaging

The first impression this model makes is that...well, it's heavy. Even considering that this figure is in what's been described as "30mm+ Heroic Scale," the Centurion is exceedingly tall and wide. Which makes sense within the background of Hundred Kingdoms:

The heavy hitters of the army are the Gorlas, the eight-hundred-pound gorilla infantry. These are huge, both within the confines of the rules system, and when you see the miniatures in person.

This figure succeeds in giving the heft of an eight-hundred-pound gorilla.

The model comprises two pieces - the main figure, and the right arm.

Two components

The Centurion fills the role of a leader in the Hundred Kingdoms rules, and so this figure's pose - arm outstretched with mace, mouth open as if yelling - is quite appropriate. (The left arm is grasping the hilt of a sheathed sword.)

Front view

The figure wears a Roman-style helmet (including neck protector and crest/brush), more armor around the neck and shoulders, and then layers of chainmail (studded with armor "medallions") over a flowing tunic (visible at the sleeves). Legs are protected with greaves, but feet are bare. A heavy fur cape covers the shoulders and falls nearly to ground level.

Rear view

The mace in the right hand is heavily ornamented with abstract patterns. It would be an imposing weapon for a man, but a bit dainty for the huge Simian - it's probably meant only as a sign of rank, which might explain why the Centurion has his other hand ready to draw a sword at a moment's notice...

The arm and mace

A pin on the arm part fits a hole in the body. The fit is good, and there seems to be plenty of surface area for glue to grip.

The model has no imperfections that I spotted. The helmet "brush" needed some careful straightening, but that's normal.

Directions for Matt: I've given Prophet Miniatures leeway to paint this figure any way they like, keeping in mind that it belongs to the same army as the Simian Legionaires (whose paint scheme we know).

I'm also expecting to transport the finished army to conventions, so have expressed a desire that the final figure be mounted on a steel base. I'll provide a steel disk that matches the size of the figure's base, but Matt will talk to me about final arrangements when he sees the figure in person.

"I usually paint the base and figure seperately and attach them afterwards," says Matt. "I may hack off the existing base and create one a litle more elaborate."

Next - Ship the Figure to Matt!

The Centurion stands 64mm tall (base to crest), and measures 44m from foot-bottom to eye-level. It is about 37mm wide. The base is oval, averaging about 22mm across.